Macintosh System 6

This is a demo of how the Macintosh System was back in the late 80s. This is Macintosh System version 6.0.8. But I want you to think of this as more than just a demo. In the video, I make some very good comparisons on how the desktop and UI fundamentals of System 6 are still used to day, but more importantly, I show how they have changed through the decades.

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Intro/outro Music By: The Hamster Alliance

June 28, 1996 – Demonstration of Apple Computer’s operating system Mac OS 8 (code name Copland). Demos include:

Folder navigation.
Content searches.
Organizing information on the desktop.
Multitasked operations.
A scalable user interface.
Personalized workspaces.
The computer as assistant.
QuickDraw 3D.
Quicktime conferencing.
QuickDraw 3D and QuckTime multimedia on the Internet.

An Exit button displayed in the lower left hand side corner of each demo is unrelated to Mac OS 8 (code name Copland).

Copyright 1996 Apple Computer, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, Macintosh, and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Cyberdog and QuickDraw are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Note: This video may only be used for purposes such as criticism, review, private study, scholarship, or research.

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  1. William Hetherington says:

    this guy is a better presenter than Tim Cook

  2. Jasmine Johnston says:

    The Rainbow-coloured Apple with a bite taken out of it that is used as Apple's logo is literally called the Bite!

  3. Яков Халип says:

    Funny ! I have a MacIIsi with empty SCSI HDD – I'm gonna install some 6 system on it)

  4. rd76pag says:

    I definitely tots remember using System 6.0.x on a Mac Classic.

  5. dave4shmups says:

    Excellent video!

  6. The Clickford Zone says:

    Nice video, but next time avoid the then and now. People could get whip lashed with the back in time and fast forward to the future. OS X is completely unrelated to classic System Software and it's nice to learn history from a specific moment in time.

  7. pining4apple says:

    My first Mac ran 6.x.x..

    The "hack" I remember we did was with the INITS and how they loaded. Sometimes the order of the loading of the INITS would crash the system, simply because of the order.

    So I would rename the inits for them to load without crashing. Ha!

  8. Robert Morin says:

    I remember we used older versions of Macs back in high school for a couple of classes, I think we used, this was back in the mid '90s, so maybe System 7.5, perhaps 7.6, can't remember. I don't think Mac OS 8 was released until the iMac G3, right? Trying to remember that far back, but boy, how things big-time changed.

  9. Laura Kane says:

    System 7 was a large step forward when looking back at System 6.

  10. Ryan Ahrens says:

    My son has 2 classic Mac's with no System 6 OS disks (only startup discs). Where/how can I obtain these??

  11. ArchmanGaming says:

    he said clean up Windows

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