macOS High Sierra – What’s New?

Apple has released macOS High Sierra. I go over all of the new features.

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  1. LOLWTF673 says:

    High sierra is installing right now, i’m watching this video and it feels very relaxing

  2. DAMD Swah says:

    Great Job as always. Re: “Log Me In Rescue”. Maybe I don’t pay enough attn. to Macbook Pro OS updates. Just updated to 10.13.2 & I hope,it’s the most recent, as of 12/17. (took > 20’ to install!) However, just noticed this: “LogMeIn Rescue” & never saw it in previous updates. So-tried searching for, what this actually does. But can’t find a single site explaining it. In the Apple Community posts, so many ppl. said: “UNINSTALL IT” it’s a hazard for security. Can U pls explain LogMeIn Rescue is??? Thnx.

  3. Ashton says:

    Would you recommend high sierra vs anything else? i'm currently running of OS X extended journaled and it prevents me from getting certain apps. Was gonna get regular Sierra but don't have enough info to back up which to get. thanks!

  4. jutjorda says:

    It's not available for me and I have a 09 mac 🙁

  5. Ali Al Damouri says:

    Thank you so much!

  6. Brendan Stralow says:

    OS X just looks so flat and boring now, I am glad I switched after Lion.

  7. Andron MacBeton says:

    And the best feature is – if you forget your password, you can log in with root:<blank> !
    Apple is going full retard.

  8. PinkPhantom says:

    I want to download it but fortnite needs el captain 11.5.6 or later if i get high sierra would i still be able to get fortnite still?

  9. You must enter a name says:

    Best feature: get "root" superuser access by leaving the password field blank… 

    REMEMBER this… THIS is Apple.

  10. Iain Kay says:

    I love the new feature where I can reset any users password just logging in as root with no password.
    This saves so much time.

  11. Gabriel Freitas says:

    Sounds like a pretty useless update

  12. Justin Sloan says:


  13. TheArchitect says:

    how is it with battery? should i upgrade?

  14. Maz Al_Fraa' says:

    I just actually got the update and i didnt know what it is but ur explanation is perfect thanks for sharing man

  15. Don’t know, don’t care says:

    I have a 2012 macbook, it is going great….I doubt I will ever upgrade anytime soon. Apple is the best.

  16. hanibal43 says:

    i feel like your eyes can steal peoples souls

  17. Lilylibra says:

    Best video I have watched on this subject so far.  My problem is that I am unable to use my Photo Library to upload photos to ebay.  All the other sophisticated options offered with High Sierra are of little interest to me.  I use Mail, Youtube, Ebay and rarely anything else.  My Mac Air has ben nothing but a pain to me and wish I could have kept my Windows.  The security aspect and portability is what attracted me to the Mac.  I would so appreciate your guidance to overcome this obstacle.  x

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