Macworld San Francisco 2005-The Mac mini Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Mac mini computer.
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  1. Nick Johnson says:

    Nice )

  2. jonnieredder says:

    "The most affordable Mac ever" LoL

  3. Warren McClure says:

    Wow this is amazing. I just got a Mac mini today, its the one with the 1.42 GHz processor, 80GB HDD. Its such a neat little machine

  4. Justin Graziano says:


  5. Robert Morin says:

    This actually goes back to when Mac Minis were actually good for something. Nowadays, it's almost laughable to get anything less than a 27" iMac.

  6. James J Beggs says:

    I like all of the macs but the Mac mini just stands out from the crowd.

  7. shempone says:

    Aahhhhhh. My first Mac ever. Still have it. Still works. Still love it. The pc I had before it has shit it self.

  8. ThatGuyFromBritain says:

    Wow, 256mb's of RAM in 2005? Yeah it was cheap and had to fit in small containers but thats not a lot even for 2005!

  9. Colm Smyth says:

    I love how Steve was like it's called the Mac mini laughter and then people were like oh shit he's serious

  10. Fifo F. says:

    I have a Mac mini late 2012, i7 CPU.

  11. 6r4ff3r says:

    The good old days!

    I hope they launch the Mini this year, with Haswell SoC.

  12. Price says:

    That is the best way to put it.

  13. The Macintosh says:

    He was a "great man" but he was not a "good man".

  14. Price says:

    I read Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The biography. And he was kind of a Dick. Not saying he was not a hell of a person a lot.

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