Meet the next generation of notebooks From Apple

Meet the next generation of notebooks From Apple

The new MacBook Pro. Meet the next generation of notebooks From Apple

Lisa Gade compares the 12.9” iPad Pro and the 12” MacBook. Check out our video review of the 12.9” iPad Pro at:
Check out our written review of the 12.9” iPad Pro at:
Check out our video review of the 12” MacBook at:
Check out our written review of the 12” MacBook at:
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  1. Evelyn Huang says:

    I have both, plus the Macbook Pro and I must admit that despite many snickering comments, the 12 inch Macbook has been my favorite and most used device. I love how light and portable it is, and unlike the iPad, it balances well on my lap and I dont need to hold it up with my hand. I use it for watching videos, often have more than 15 tabs open, and word editing. Its super quiet and has never lagged on me. Unless I need heavy photo or video editing, Id go with my Macbook everytime. The size of the screen has never been a problem for me. I never noticed a significant difference between watching movies on the Macbook and the Pro. The iPad is just a great gaming device on the go for me, but I certainly wouldnt replace my computers with it. The iPad is to me what a toaster oven is – neither a great toaster, nor a great oven, but semi gets the job done while offering portability.

  2. Filo Master says:

    There's not much to compare, one is a tablet other is a laptop

  3. roff poff says:

    would not buy either, can get two more powerful pc's for the same $$

  4. S Moon says:

    only one inch difference but why does ipad pro look much much bigger in screensize

  5. drees84 says:

    +mobiletechreviews, always enjoy rewatching your videos. Even these 'smackdowns' remain relevant. I did want to ask a question though. Do you think iOS (as os and app platform) for the iPad Pro 12.9 has improved enough over the year to justify choosing that over the Macbook?
    I've seen some well-received apps like Luma Fusion and Lightroom pass by that make me think editing is quite OK on the iPad Pro. I have no pedigree in editing of any kind, so I don't quite care so much about the features I'll have to 'miss' like proper pro's that would have to change their current workflows.
    I want to use it for creating enticing video for online courses to put the extra effort into my grad school teaching duties. So, just lectures, but more of the fast-pace type you find on Crash Course -excluding the motion graphics. A bit more editing intensive than just hitting the record button and paste in some slides, but not much… I think. (I'm a serious noob to this.)
    What do you think? iPad Pro 12.9 or stick with a more traditional MacBook; or do I have to break the bank and go for a MacBook Pro?

  6. Dion Koh says:

    Macbook , an iPad that runs Mac OS

  7. Element Technology says:

    Your reviews are very informative and for me, the iPad Pro replaces a PC.

  8. Ryan Morrison says:

    iOS is not macOS, it's a far inferior system, end of discussion.

  9. luvcrim says:

    Please help me decide, macbook +external 23 inch monitor or Imac?

  10. gabriel fernandes says:

    WhatsPad do you YouTube people still insist on iMovie? Do you know luma fusion?

  11. Daniel JohnFord says:

    Well, there is no contest here. Macbook runs OSX, definitely much better in terms of productivity. While iPad Pro is best for entertainment.

  12. Ke Ni says:

    iCloud provides the non-physical version of a HDD.

    I love the Pro. The ultrabook doesn't see the light of day except for two particular programs, which I only use at home. For writing, stuyding, gaming, drawing, surfing and video meeting, the Pro works for me so much better. It's more direct, simpler and easier to use. And with quad-speakers, the sound amazes me every time.

    I tried the Create keyboard and hatd it – too soft and the keyboard repeat settings needed adjusting to prevent auto key repeats. The protection and backlighting simply didn't make up for the lack of usability and portabiliy – the weight didn't help, and iPad works best as as tablet, not a laptop.

    Great review! Thanks, Lisa.

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