Microsoft Office Word Mac 2011 Review

Yeah, I finally found time to do it!

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  1. Joe Patroni says:

    Nice to see there are intelligent reviewers out there.

  2. 2003JrF4i says:

    You sound like ownage pranks 

  3. Office mac 2011 product key says:

    thank for your feed back

  4. RyanKnowsTech says:

    @iAutogenius Probably not, they want you to buy iWork.

  5. RWLTouch says:

    Why did you buy Microsoft office if you are going to use iWork?

  6. ouluvme2 says:

    I just bought office 2011, right before I saw there was a 2013..?! Is there
    a way to upgrade to 13 or am I stuck with ’11? Anyways, I’m having some
    trouble in review mode. Any videos on using that function? Thanks!!

  7. RyanKnowsTech says:

    IF it just sits on a desk, the iMac will do fine. If you need it to be
    portable, you’ll need the MacBook, that’s about all there is to it.

  8. RyanKnowsTech says:

    @MrArctix Thank you for the update.

  9. hindude says:

    Hey, what app do you have that created that dashed line around the screen
    and auto full screened the window when you dragged the window to the
    corner? It happened at 2:02 in the video. I’ve been looking for something
    like that forever!

  10. Kylemac0914 says:

    thats why whenever you use pictures on Word, you paste them into a text box
    first. it makes the images so easy to move around

  11. Airjordany2k says:

    do you have a imac or macbook pro

  12. RyanKnowsTech says:

    No, just office. You won’t have Windows compatibility unless you install
    Windows on a separate partition, drive, or use Bootcamp.

  13. NHM95 says:

    Can someone tell me what I should get for school. Mac or PC?

  14. Syed Fazil says:

    Most of your friends surely will have windows . Its better to have
    Microsoft Office than Pages .

  15. officemac2011keyA says:

    thankh for your feed back

  16. RyanKnowsTech says:

    @12343astronomer I would feel better with Office, but Pages would do the

  17. RyanKnowsTech says:

    @RWLTouch For this purpose, and to mess with it.

  18. Xehanortheartless says:

    Just a clarification: I don’t own TheRyanSchultz, but I follow him (and
    you, of course).

  19. RyanKnowsTech says:

    @abnercus Adobe After Effects.

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