Mid 2012 13 inch MacBook Pro Review

This is the review of the 13 inch MacBook Pro!!!

3rd gen (Ivy bridge) Intel Core i5 Processor – 2.5 GHz
4 GB RAM – 1600 MHz
500 GB 5400 rpm HDD
Intel HD 4000 Integrated graphics

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  1. sixyears says:

    Apple needs to bring this thing back.

  2. Slender Man says:

    Best Macbook ever made. With SSD from Samsung it becomes a real beast. Fuck you, Tim and your new shitty slimmy Macbook!

  3. Spooksville Scoob says:

    I have the i7, 8gb RAM, 750GB HDD version of this and I love it.
    Good for moderate gaming, basic-moderate video and photo editing and everything else other than 3D rendering and hardcore video editing.

    Mine runs at 2.9ghz and has a turboboost speed of 3.4ghz.
    I chose it rather than the retina MBP for a couple of reasons, but the main two reasons were actually the built-in DVD/CD drive and the fact MBP retinas from this era were not so good. The graphics chips weren't powerful enough to pump out the needed pixels for retina and rendered the whole retina resolution idea as more of a drawback than a positive!

    Here in 2017 it still runs just as good as on day one. I upgraded it to 16GB and a SSD hard drive and it runs VERY fast.

    Honestly, as long as the hardware holds out, I will probably be using this computer 5 years from now.

  4. life.0f luke says:

    Would this be a good computer for Adobe Photoshop

  5. Dr Zoe says:

    My late 2011 geekbench is 9063

  6. Sultan Tolga Han says:

    In 2012 they have already a Pro 13 Retina dude

  7. Scolio says:

    Would this be good for logic pro. The most i would do is 10 audio tracks per project at the most with eq, and compression on each or maybe 10 midi tracks with eq and compression at a time. I see people saying "go i7" but i do not have the funds and they are doing 25-75 tracks anyways. Would my 10 track scenerio work fine on this? I will be upgrading to an ssd and 16 gb of ram.

  8. Karam Dhingra says:

    Hello macbookpro 500gb 4ram. Good nice

  9. Murtuza Chakkiwala says:

    great video. thanks. i want to buy this for developing purpose. so mostly xcode and Android studio. so how is this MacBook for this developing purpose?

  10. Supertinyfeathers says:

    I looked at the geek bench scores and compared the ones here with the most recent 2015 MBP. There is literally very little difference between the processing speed, and you can almost get the same SSD speed when you upgrade it yourself. However, be aware that some SSD upgrades don't support TRIM, and allowing Apple's trim software will randomly delete your files (it has that disclaimer). Best to use a program like Disk Sensei (highly recommend them!).

    A note worth mentioning, if you need GPU power, you MUST get a 15" MBP with dedicated graphics, no earlier than 2014 because you'll want 2GB of memory instead of 1GB in older models.

    Retina displays are nice, my brother has one and usually has it set to halfway the size it can go. What I would take the newer versions for is the sound and data transfer speed (thunderbolt 3).

  11. Daryl Pizarro Bueno says:

    Can someone answer me please? I have my MacBook Pro 2009 which I bought 5 years ago. I'm just wondering if the succeeding model of MacBook Pro 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 have the same sizes as well as the sockets located on the side? I just want to know if theyre all the same in size. Im planning to buy a macbook case next week im just worried if i can still buy a case for my 2009 laptop

  12. Ryan says:

    I just ordered one 🙂

  13. my name says:

    is this any different than the 2016?

  14. Dun the hedgehog says:

    got a egpu for this 🙂

  15. Jeremías Wolvesville says:

    Is this still worth for a student, no 4K, maybe 1080p video editing and music editing?

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