Multiple Operating Systems on ONE HDD! Mac OSX

This tutorial video shows how you can have multiple live versions of Mac OS X on one single external HDD and so they are bootable or pre-loaded to easy copy to other HDD’s. I have another video that shows this a little bit different please let me know if you have any questions.
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Our Favorite Mac OS Sierra Features

MacOS Sierra is here and in this class, we are going over all the key features. Download your FREE PDF guide here: which has tons of links, tips, tricks, and a handy page devoted to the best Siri commands you can now give to your Mac!!! (you might want to print that page)

Check out the full New to Mac class here:

I made a reference to this website/app and forgot to put it in the PDF

MacOS Sierra brings new features like Siri, universal copy and paste, and more to your Mac. We hope you enjoy the class. Please leave us a comment and a “like.”

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  1. Michael Murdock says:

    I have a 2006 Mac mini that shows a prohibitory sign because I tried to update to a new os that it couldn’t recognize. So I’m in target disk mode now and attached via FireWire to a 2009 imac. I’m going to try and install 10.1 with your method (as I can’t do it from the Mac mini anyway). I’m going to put os 9 and os 10.1 on it. So would that be two partitions?

  2. uaxactun68 says:

    how can i install Linux and Windows on a USB?

  3. scupakus says:

    can you do two os on internal hardrive? need 10.6 and el kapitan on one maschine

  4. Giuliana Rexic says:

    Has to be an external drive or can this be done with your internal drive too?

  5. The Public Opinion says:

    Shayne, I am a self-taught computer support person at a small daily newspaper that is almost 100% Mac. And Mac is all I've ever used. Do you have Installers and images because on some Macs you want to install and OS and on others you're restoring an image? I actually tried doing this by installing Mac OSes on four different partitions. some wouldn't boot, however, because I believe they weren't blessed. Then I dropped the external drive and it malfunctioned. Have another external and want to do it right this time. Thanks

  6. Phyllis Reagin says:

    Wow! Thanks man! you have just earded yourself a subscriber!

  7. Shayne Fowler says:
  8. Jack Tarr says:

    Do you have a class on safari toolbars for Sierra?

  9. Lyfe Style Music says:


  10. Phill Tomlinson says:

    Love your videos. Thank you for sharing! Also, the quality of your videos is outstanding. I'm curious, what editing software are you using to share your screen while still appearing at the bottom left and right? Thank you.

  11. Raster says:

    Great video. Super high quality… thank you so much!

  12. Dean Spence says:

    Why would you use anything other than spotify for music

  13. JOHN LEE says:

    Thanks for the lessons really so helpful I recommend you to any one who is struggling with learning these product. I'd be lost without your help. Regars Johnny

  14. Ellen Rugg says:

    Your videos are one of the best things on You Tube, David.

  15. panchito1993eljc says:

    damn hes fighting the fagg inside of him, the fagg is strong on this one

  16. GoingafterHimwithallmyheart says:

    when I saw how long this video was I thought aww man, but your personality makes it so fun and enjoyable to watch, the time flys!! Thank you for all the info appreciate it! 😀

  17. Allan Tamaka says:

    Thank-you David for helping me with my computer.

  18. Ricardo Cambraia says:

    :* :*

  19. Globalscenester says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing and helping, David. Cheers!!

  20. Patrick Nam says:

    Thank you so much for your videos!!! I am a new person who has just moved to Apple from being a lifelong Windows user. Really helps!! Please keep them coming =)

  21. Hannah Dror says:


  22. Yogeshwar Singh says:

    Why can't you demonstrate the features instead of showing your stupid face? You're no modal!

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