My blunt thoughts on New Macbook Pro Seriously Pro?

My thoughts on the new Macbook Pro laptops that were launched by Apple they have the new touch bar and updated design I share my thoughts and what I feel being an apple mac users for a long time.

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  1. Keshav Nyati says:

    Is buying MacBook Pro worth ₹ 1,06,000/- worth it ? I want it for college as well as daily usage. And I am planning to use it for a reasonable time?

  2. Deva Sharma says:

    Plz Unbox Mac Pro 2016

  3. Raja Sekhar Chintalapalli says:

    ya i agree with u ranjith a day it will definitely learn a lesson.

  4. PRINCE SINGH says:

    sir i want macbook from dubai is it working properly in india

  5. Khaneja Jagruti says:

    Can you give though on tiko 3d machine

  6. Mukul Lomas says:

    Hey bro @ranjit ! Good investment in a camera and mic .👍🏻 Firstly you watch videos of Detroitborg and Marques (MKBHT) and then you transfer those upto the Indian audience. What kind of expert are you ! Copy cat 🐱! Or a spokesperson of these tech expert !? And then you again copied Gaurav (Technical guruji nd started dubbing in Hindi to gain views ! Worked for him not u again. ! 😂 i want to know ur story. Please do reply. Tech export! May be i spelled something wrong ! Ohh ! I couldn't find out the expert anywhere that's why. Peace out

  7. movie mania says:

    Abe bakchod gareed nhi sakta to review mat De…..???:@

  8. Durga Prasad says:

    Hey!😎 you are judging a fish by its ability to fly.We buy MacBook for its seemless hardware and software to work as a symphony.Dodnt compare crap wndows with mac

  9. Udaya Bhaskar says:

    which one is the beast for graphic designers

  10. aditya deepankar says:

    make video for best daw for india future this is my request

  11. Harshavardhan Saravanan says:

    Excellent video Ranjit! I totally agree with everything that you have said. Seriously apple is not caring about creative professionals anymore.

  12. shubham bhatra says:

    Steve jobs brought apple to change our lives and yes it did! but look at it now! these guys are just using apple to make money.

  13. Aditya shanmugham says:

    yah I agree that the new MacBook "pro" is a heck of a price. but some hardware drops are noting
    1. no kabylake for the new Macs : because the at now (during the time of release) no Iris pro graphics available for kabylake architecture.
    NOTE: most laptops use inbuilt gpu and this needs to be powerful but most of them use intel's HD graphics which is nearly 40 to 50 percent lower than "Iris pro graphics". and kabylake the "Mac has only has 15 % performance update compare to MacBook pro 2014. don't blame them blame Intel. since the new kabylake architecture is mainly based on reducing heat and Increased battery life.
    2. only USB c (thunderbolt3) ports… common only a fool will buy those "dongles" directly from Apple. there are many third party companies that will provide those with a fraction of price. they are not the only one in the business there are handful of laptops now with only USB c (HP Spectre, Dell XPS 2 in 1, Acer swift 7, etc..)
    they were the first to remove floppy drive and the whole industry followed the change, CD drives, removable battery, etc…
    3. and by now u should have realised the they only have innovation in design
    4. they never invented anything they take a great idea which was implemented in a bad way by other companies and made them perfect.
    5. think in this way unless u r seriously rich if u buy this machine you will be planning to keep this for 4 or more years. during this time at least 3 new update will be released for both os x and windows. if u took windows you will be paying atleast 200 dollars for each upgrade but not in Mac. Apple only charges for hardware not software.
    6. a pro user (seriously real pro) will buy a decent Chromebook and hack the crap out of it to gain the performance he wants. or buy this one and buy this machine and hack it to perform well.

    who should buy:
    if u r a rich and willing to spend a "few" thousand dollars and wanna be a cool guy flashing ur new laptop to others

    if u r a pro:
    skip this and buy other offerings (Dell XPS 15, razor blade, etc…)
    you are really paying for the experience you get from this machine not for it's performance

    as anyway and always MacBook sucks😂😂

  14. Vipul Srivastava says:

    please suggest me the best earphones under 500.
    mic is not important

  15. sk videos says:

    I'm planning to purchase laptop this week, confused with options to buy, my requirement is 8gb ram, 1 TB HDD, 2 GB graphics card, I5 6 or 7 genertion processor, one of the options I found is Lenovo 310 and HP 503 TX but confused with which to take, few ppl r saying that HP has AMD graphics card and no proper fans,which heats laptop can u plz guide on other option you have , my budget is not more than 40-45 thousand actually it's less than this but my requirement demands my budget to it. plz guide

  16. Srilekha Vadlamannati says:

    just suggest the best laptop on a budget…

  17. NEERAV awesome says:

    plzzzz rply to my question…… that I really should buy Mac pro 2015….for professional work….. plzzz rply to my question becoz it can really help me.

  18. Utsav Sachdeva says:

    Should I go with Macbook Pro 2015? Is it a good option? Do you have any video on it?

  19. Mehul Kunwar says:

    pro plese make videos for gamers

  20. Shreejit Saha says:

    Is it just me or isn't it that he overreacts a lot?

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