My Honest Review of the 13″ Apple MacBook Pro

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My review of the Apple Macbook Pro 13″. Enjoy 🙂

13″ Apple MacBook (Touchbar/Non-Touchbar Available):


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‘Epsilon’ by Alex Pich

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  1. Science Studio says:

    – Imaginary bonus points if you can name the song playing on-screen @3:33 😉

  2. 321bluff says:

    Ok what if windows releases a video editor that beats final cut pro rendering times than what??

  3. Mafaz Abdul Karim says:

    Good review…. but I’ve got to say, only a PC guy would ever list macOS as a negative.

  4. Sam Harper says:

    I saw one today, and I hate it.  I got my last MacBook Pro in 2010.  I paid $1200 for it and got a 320 GB hard drive, two USB ports, a mag safe charging doohickie, and a CD/DVD drive, and an ethernet port.  Now, for $1300, I get 128 GB, no USB ports, no mag safe, no DVD drive, and no ethernet port.  If I want to be able to use a flash drive, I've got to pay another $20 for an adaptor.  If I want to use an ethernet cable, I've got to pay another $20 for an adaptor.  Screw Apple!  They want me to pay more for less.

  5. Morgan Habel says:

    Help me jump into apple 💗💗

  6. Bookwyrm says:

    Why do so many people (rightly) laud the elegance and build quality of macs and then dress like a homeless 13 year old?

  7. smellycatbutts says:

    I bought a MacBook Air 3+ years ago. It is the only computer I've used during this time. Now that I am almost done with my grad program, I plan on going back to PC and gaming. My bf has gone through 2 $800 laptops (Sony & Toshiba) in the past 4 years because both crapped out on him, while my Mac continues to run smoothly without problems. PC for gaming for sure, but all Windows based laptops for me and mine have been crap.

  8. themanlydood7 says:

    In this video you stated that i5 and i7 Ultra Low Power Processors don't differ much in terms of performance. In that case, what, if anything do they differ on? Thanks 

    Very recently (Saturday) purchased an i7 3.5 Ghz processor MacBook Pro 13" dual core, and I've been thinking about returning it and picking up either a base or the slightly upped 3.3 i5 and boosting up my storage.

  9. Andrew says:

    Worth for macOS

  10. Patrick Nelson says:

    Not an Apple fanboy, in fact, I really dislike their computers. However, while having 4 USB-C ports may seem "limited" having 4 Thunderbolt ports (much less Thunderbolt 3) hardly "limited!" Most computers, if you're lucky, only give you 1 of those and they have massive throughput.

  11. Borgy Manotoy says:

    For the iOS developers out there, would you recommend this model? Let's say my current budget is only for this model. Is it a Go or a No? TIA

  12. Luis Vasquez says:

    Love the shirts bro ! And thanks for this video !

  13. rabitman3000 says:

    I dont see why people moan about ports on Apple products. Products are moving to the cloud or wireless

  14. Subtr3y says:

    MacBook Pro is not an ultrabook, just saying

  15. MS64 Trickshots says:

    Thanks for the advice

  16. Charlie Tay says:

    He looks like August Ames.

  17. Miguel Alba says:

    For data science MacBooks are shit

  18. RyinnHD says:

    Good review thank you

  19. Toyo Masauce says:

    worst laptop ever made

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