New 2013 Retina MacBook Pros: What Apple Didn’t Tell You.

2013 MacBook Pro Retina Unboxing!

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  1. Cyber Mouse says:

    I want to get 15″ with only intel iris can I play games Dayz on it

  2. PalmBeachRider says:

    how about ram being soldered to the logic board vs the 13 mbp without
    retina displays traditional ram removal? if you want to upgrade hdd and ram
    yourself… not get any retina mbp. 

  3. Jack Bourke says:

    big deal why do people make big things about this

  4. i magasoft says:

    hey i want to buy a laptop and i use visual studio and alot more i dont use
    any video edting software or photo editing and i like to play games like
    titan fall
    and call of duty do you think i should get this macbookpro 13 inch retina 

  5. jumpthenoob says:

    i bought the gt 750m i7 version, and it was my first mac. i am in love but
    yet hate the fact that i didn’t realize just how much isn’t mac compatible
    yet. if i had the chance i WOULDNT do it again, or until things start
    becoming more mac’d out.

  6. Spawn223311 says:

    Companies just want to make more money. They sleep and live just to think
    on ways to make more profit out of us, and you can clearly see that on
    this. They just tell you PRICE DROP PRICE DROP and not why it has been
    droped. I hate that so much.

  7. Biggie Bee says:

    That’s why you should stick to pc… I’m not trying to sound like a fan boy
    or anything, but, you can get a 700/900$ PC or gaming rig that have a lot
    higher specs.. and they are better for your money if you are a gamer….
    but in the category of heavy office work or video editing mac takes the

  8. yabsera gebrekidan says:

    I would’ve never noticed this if I hadn’t seen this video.

  9. ImJasonForever says:

    wait, so which models have the dedicated graphics? Im looking through the
    refurbished section and which one is it? what graphics are best? hlp plz!

  10. Visalbotr Chan says:

    I wonder does the storage of Macbook affects the performance? As I know,
    the 128GB write speed is slower than 256GB.

  11. Leggo My Ego says:

    I was a huge mac fan (I have the mac pro tower version and the mac book
    pro). However I won’t buy the retina mac books or the new mac pro tube
    thing. They’ve move to where you can’t upgrade anything after the purchase,
    and the limited space on the hard drives for the mac books, is ridiculous.

    I’ve already replaced my mac book after I dropped it in water and I went
    with the “old” 13in because you can get a 1TB hard drive and upgradable
    ram. If anything happens to my mac pro tower I will NOT be buying that new
    tubular bullshit thing.

  12. jag5508 says:

    Can you upgrade the RAM on 13″ yourself ?

  13. Sergio Marcelo says:

    It heats too much. Got one.

  14. Jai Tae says:

    Thank. I bought 2013 Macbook Pro. I wish I saw your clip first. 

  15. philliah says:

    Macbook pros are overrated and overpriced! Get an asus g750jz for example
    and install osx or linux. Around 2k for a beast of a machine not often

  16. Amia young says:

    I got a Mac and all the stickers los ser

  17. Jean Gamero says:

    Thanks for your coverage. 

  18. datalaforge says:

    I’m actually pretty happy about the newest 2.2GHz 16GB RAM 15″MBPr. I don’t
    mind the lack of dedicated graphics if I can get into that processor at

  19. kierankay100 says:

    i just bought a powerbook g4 and aprt from 3 i pods it will be my first
    apple computer yeah it may be old and not high specs but i mainly want it
    for personal use internet email pictures films and music things like that i
    got it second hand and i cant wait for it to arive

  20. ComputerDude2600 says:

    Another big point: in the 2012 mbp can be opened and you can upgrade your
    hdd and ram and easily replace the battery ect. The fact that the 2013
    model doesn’t have that is a deal breaker for me. 

  21. TheHabitman says:

    I bought an i7 quad core, 8GB of RAM for $707, shipped. HP, at that.

    These assholes sell shit in an aliminum wrapper. The sad part is that they
    get away with doing so.

  22. Jelle Dekkers says:

    BTW… What does refurbished mean?

  23. JamesJDMoe says:

    can you upgrade the SSD on the 2013 retina macbook pro?

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