NEW MacBook Pro Touch Bar – Is It Useful?

NEW MacBook Pro Touch Bar - Is It Useful?

A quick overview of the TouchBar on my new MacBook Pro 15″.


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  1. Rohit Agarwal says:

    Hey Justin, Great review.

    I am still thinking whether to go for the touchbar version or non-touch bar version of 13 inch.

    I have a question regarding the battery. How would you rate the battery of the touch bar one.

  2. Vinojan Chandrasekaran says:

    Hello. I am a Photographer. I use Photoshop, lightroom, Microsoft word and powerpoint regularly. I also do browsing quite often. I am planning to get a 13 inch macbook pro with touch bar which has 256GB space and 8 gb ram. I am confused with a lot of mixed reviews for this laptop. Would you recommend that laptop to me ? Please help.

  3. Adr Raz says:

    Blantly useless. IMO, but great video. 😀

  4. larkybaby333 says:

    Is the radeon 460 worth the upgrade or is the 450 enough?

  5. PurpatronX says:

    I think it is useful!

  6. Luke Jamison says:

    How long did it take to ship?

  7. Emad Ahmed says:

    I tried hard to justify the usefulness of the touch bar just because I really liked the additional ports and touch ID, but failed.

  8. Baka Matsu says:

    look at screen, look at tiny touch bar, look at screen, look at tiny touch bar.
    great…. very productive, Apple.
    Everything on touch bar, you can tap or click it on screen, why apple makes it more difficult.

  9. winkipinky says:

    well here is the stupid part, if you are a "professional" using any professional video or photo editing software like I do as a graphic designer, you are going to use a mouse nearly 98% of the time, simply because it is far more efficient than using the track-pad. Having said this, I would not take my hand off the mouse just to go and touch the stupid bar to do shit I can already do with the mouse on the screen, which is where my eye are looking in the first place. If you looked at the video clip, ALL the tools are available on-screen. As for key commands, really,… pressing the a single letter on the keyboard is no different than pressing a button on the toolbar. Complete waste of money. Apple just needs a full touch-screen so you can actually do more with finger gestures just like on ALL Windows computes with touch screen. Oh and you will save over $1000 and get a MORE powerful device with more RAM if you want too.. not just 16GB.

  10. j says:

    $4000 for PLANNED obsolescence

  11. koelink88 says:

    So you went for the 0,2 ghz difference in the base chip?? Not worthy the money i think?

  12. kime powell says:

    For folks like me who have always managed to stay under the $2000 mark when purchasing an Apple laptop, this sell feels impossible. I am almost ready to look to another manufacturer because to have waited in anticipation for this doesn't feel quite worth doubling my budget.

  13. Erwin GO says:

    do you think there will be new macbooks next year?

  14. Aquiles Vailo says:

    $4000 and no touchscreen? right…

  15. 赤木秀一 says:

    Image which one will be surviving five years later? A Laptop with a stupid think touch strip? Or just a real touchscreen.

  16. Ange Alexiel says:

    i own a late 2013 macbook pro, and the exact same as yours newest macbook pro , and i agree , it's a great laptop, beautiful, the speakers and touch ID are great, speakers are near as good as the imac 27 inch late 2015. it's very impressive , never heard this quality on a notebook , the issue with usb C only is not really one, cos in 1 year or two all the industry will make the leap .

    but i'm gonna send it back to apple , why ?? cos despite the fact that i bought it cheaper than you , thanx for education store , it's really overpriced , and i'm sure the mid 3017 or late 2017 will be cheaper and even better , let's hope for a good discrete GC like nvidia does…

    and it is a totally new model, and atm some users have some minors issues.. i noticed two on windows 10 , sound so lound it can destroy the speakers and accesing my home network is really hard… never had this issue on windows 10 on other macs…

  17. jérémie says:

    No love at all for Windows based laptop? Like a equally powerful (if not more with CUDA) XPS15?! Spending 4'000$ on a underpowered (for the price) piece of tech is insane. I'm a MBP user from at least 8 years now. But Apple lost me at their last keynote. If i buy something that expensive it has to save me a lot of time to actually get a decent return of investment. Not a touchbar that will take me the same time (if not longer) than shortcut to execute the same stuff.

    What PRO user in his sane mind would ask something like the Touchbar or lighter VS power?

  18. Tenchi Ho says:

    $4000? Man, I've got the new Surface Book with Performance Base – 512GB / 16 GB RAM / Intel Core i7 plus the Surface Dial for $2899. Which I sold my old top end Surface Book to raise some money to put in. I can say the extra GPU does make editing a lot smoother on Adobe Premiere. Also like how the Dial really helps me in my design work as well. I still have my 2015 15inch MacBook Pro, but just couldn't justify purchasing the 2016 MacBook Pro. And what I hear is that I should keep my 2015 MacBook Pro. BTH there's is reason for me upgrade yet.

  19. Gregory Ickowski says:

    Now I could find the touch bar useful if you're watching hockey via and would have the ability to switch from game to game right on the touch bar. But I know that's not a function right now. Great video

  20. Brandon Ramirez says:

    Do you think that the upgrade from the 2.7 GHZ i7 to the 2.9 GHZ i7 is worth the $200 upgrade?

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