NEW MacBook Pro With Touch Bar: One Month Later Review

The new 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is an interesting computer. Here is my review. Spoiler alert… Don’t buy it. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video. dbrand skins:

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  1. Canoopsy says:

    This is the BEST deal you're going to get on this laptop:

    $200 off and a copy of Parallels Desktop 12.

  2. The Untwit says:

    You, sir, spoke my heart out about this machine and earned my subscription.

  3. DottierGlint 509 says:

    If I've never had a good laptop and I don't have one right now should I get this or not?

  4. Jared Hayes says:


  5. Piyush Bhakat says:


  6. john smith says:

    Why did the mac book lover not want to go to the photo gallery?
    He was afraid of the frames.

  7. john smith says:

    As mac gamers, we have literally dozens of games to chose from. Stupid PCs and Steam only has like 500 million +

  8. john smith says:

    Macs are cancer. Take it from Steve Jobs.

  9. ROSE OUARDA says:

    Does the trackpad it not have palm rejection???

  10. fake name says:

    lol i bet the your old mac did died .. mac books have been junk for years .. why would anyone spend 3k on junk…

  11. Patrick Lee says:

    i feel that all laptops have stupid battery life

  12. Noddy Choi says:

    Are you sure with that ? 5:57 "a hundred percent down to twenty percent in about an hour and half" This would be a horrible result

  13. Stephen Whalen says:

    If you tap on either side of the sliders within the touch bar it is like the traditional style of buttons. took me a second to realize what and why they had done it but once you get used to it having a slider and a tap button is worth it…sometimes you just want to slide that shit

  14. A says:

    I disliked this cuz of false info and this is the 360 disslike

  15. Jonathan Azor says:

    what specs did u get

  16. Rob Earley says:

    Why the f**k would you sacrifice getting the 4gb Radeon in place of the 512gb SSD when you're a video editor?

  17. chris s says:

    if apple didnt use usb c then when people start using usb c then they will complain

  18. chris s says:

    or you can buy a pc????

  19. chris s says:

    horrible review

  20. Vince McMahon says:

    Wow. So ill informed. You're using brightness and volume sliders wrong. You must just press and slide. No need to tap and then slide.

    Trackpad has palm rejection you need not use it like a moron.

    Touchbar needs to be changed for personal use. You seem to have it at default settings.

    Final cut issue is a software issue not a MacBook issue. Fix has been issues.

    Battery issues have also been fixed

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