New Retina MacBook Pro: Unboxing and Tour

Unboxing and Tour of the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. 99 CPU: 2.3 GHZ Core i7 RAM: 8GB SSD: 256GB Display: 15.4″ 2880×1800 (220PPI) GPU: Nvidia G…
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Apple MacBook Pro 2013 13-inch review

Apple MacBook Pro 2013 13-inch review. Apple’s new laptop lands with a smaller chassis and more powerful insides, here’s the T3 verdict. YouTube: https://www…
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  1. Prydator says:

    mac book air is thinner shithead

  2. danageberten says:

    Macs are for tech retards. I’ve used 500 buck Windows laptops and I’ve
    never had any issues. You retards who complain about PCs should stop
    watching porn and download weird stuff from the interwebz and if you have a
    brain your PC will work just fine. And for the price of a crApple computer
    I will build you a PC that will knock the socks of your shitty crApple

  3. Adil Alam says:

    thumps up if you play minecraft on macbook pro

  4. Anthony Somerville says:

    What idiot would pay $2000 for this?

  5. Umi Bustamante says:

    I wish I have one of those…….. :))

  6. $ Cash $ Money $ Hero $ says:

    So when the macbook pro with touch screen comes out ? Iphone and Ipad are
    touch. It’s quite stupid not to deliver a laptop without a touch screen in
    2014 ? 

  7. jamessi Ten says:

    i need this for my hacking skills

  8. Eddie Parsons says:

    will it blend? that is the question.

  9. Marcos Diógenes says:

    It’s very expensive. It’s a very good laptop though. If i would buy one of
    these MacBooks, i’d choose $1,799.00 13′. It’s got enough storage, and 8
    gigs of ram isn’t bad either. Iris graphics is OK for me, as I don’t game
    hard on my laptops.
    Most people complain about specs, but they don’t consider that mac software
    is written in a different way so the programs don’t need as much processing
    power and RAM. Also, The hardware apple uses in their machines are of the
    highest quality possible. I can add more 8 gigs of ram to my computer for a
    very low price, but it’s gonna be a very crappy, slow and not durable piece
    of hardware. If I choose a great hardware manufacturer to purchase this RAM
    from, it’s gonna cost more, and it’s gonna be faster, durable and reliable.
    It’s that simple!

    Windows user here.

  10. WillYumYumRogers says:

    Ok, here guys. I’m not trying to be a fanboy but have you ever noticed
    this? If you get a mac for productivity or a business you can pay about
    1400 dollars and you have all the productivity apps you need. Otherwise on
    a windows computer you pay 800 bucks but then you have to buy stuff like
    antiviruses, Photoshop, Sony Vegas etc etc etc. And then after that you pay
    2200 dollars for a windows machine that has crappy windows 8 and horrible
    intel graphics. Ever thought about that?

  11. jeppe werring says:

    Can wait im getting my late 2014 macbook pro retina, 2,8 ghz, 8 gb ram and
    128 gb ssd/flash on 20 september

  12. ricky bharadia says:

    hey mike. I was wondering is this macbook pro worth for a uni student who
    will programme on it

  13. TheKillieCrankie says:

    Windows 8 is just so shit,now ill get a macbook

  14. Rebecca Abramowitz Holmberg says:

    I just can’t stand her accent 😡 

  15. Malik Hatsune says:

    I have a feeling they’re guiding people to use iTunes to buy all their
    movies and music by not adding a CD/optical drive ;)

  16. DK PRODUCTIONS says:

    How do they hold up, with utorrent? I need someone to talk to me about mac
    book pro, Thinking about getting someone message me or comment. on this I
    need more info.

  17. Neusha Alerasool says:

    is it good for a civil engineering student ?
    cuz if I buy it I will keep it for 3-4 years… is it reliable for me ?
    need ue helppppss :(

  18. Thijs Hamers says:

    It’s not OS X! You speak the X out as 10! 

  19. JonasX 650 says:

    I argue that some people don’t have lots of money and can’t afford one
    ………… I’m one of them

  20. Jonathan Sarazin says:

    In 2 week i Will receive my first mac bye Microsoft

  21. TheCodMidget says:

    I might get this

  22. jasminr le says:

    Could I play minecraft, or sims 3 or 4 on it?

  23. merve hong says:

    It’s so fast! It’s obviously going to be very easy to run most of my old
    Windows programs (I got Parallels 9 to help with this and when I later had
    to call their support with a a printing problem, was very impressed with
    the speed and effectiveness of their solution).

  24. Khaled Zeidiyeh says:

    Apple should release a thinner Air soon

  25. Scoobydoofan090 says:

    I so want one!

  26. ps3dubbs says:

    Aimed at the casual user.. Ermm one who loves shedding out a shit load of
    cash for brand then yeah. Think I’d rather go for a asus ultra book.

  27. Alejandro Martinez says:


  28. manmeet dhaliwal says:

    Could it play Call of Duty World at War?

  29. phil efremian says:

    There was Google glasses in the PowerPoint lol

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