Offsite Remote Backup with Synology & Western Digital

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Offsite Remote Backup with Synology & Western Digital

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  1. Jimmy Cole says:

    Can you do a updated video using 2 DS1515? The interface is a little different

  2. Carlos Lijeron says:

    Thanks for the video. It would be great to have a demo placing the second NAS on a different network and then making the connection. This may require a bit of explanation on firewall and ports, and other issues that are relevant for remote network backup storage.

  3. Richard Slater says:

    What happens if you want to back up to a off site synology but you don't have a local synology? Is that possible?

  4. willi1147 says:

    So replication only works with other Synology devices only?

  5. theMiniMen says:

    Thanks for all the vids mate. I haven't commented for a while but I am still here, still subbed and still watching them all.

    Just took delivery of some new WD Red 6TB drives and my DS1815+ yesterday so I am luvvin these vids particularly at the mo 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. James Pellette says:

    Great Video. Thank you for sharing, what ports need to be open to complete this task?

  7. Bo Brøndum says:

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for a very informative video.

    Do you know how I can find the IP address for the Remote DiskStation (DS)?

    I know the External IP address for the Remote Router and I know the Internal IP address for the Remote DS on that Router. Just to be on the safe side. I have forwarded ports 80, 5000 and 5005 on the Remote Router.

    I can connect to the Remote DS via the QuickConnect ID and on the MyDS Center Webpage I can see a IP address for the Remote DS, but using this, does not do the trick.

    What shall I put in the IP address window on the Local DS in order for it to connect to the Remote DS? 

    Thanks in advance.


  8. U Kelly says:

    Excellent video

    Very useful

  9. Maxsdiscos says:

    Do you have a static IP address at the off site location?

  10. Chris London says:

    Dave. Great video, thanks. For the offsite though, lets say a family members house they won't have an external IP for the Synology to back up to the destination. I think this can be done with Crashplan to backup one Syno to an offsite Syno? Do you know?

  11. ShikataGaNai100 says:

    Dave – Thanks for the info. A great video, as usual. These are great, but frighteningly expensive for us peasants. Can you build one on your own, using an older PC? Sorry if the question is newbie or foolish, but, for some of us on fixed incomes, our budget is somewhat small. I have literally thousands of old, out-of-print blues and world music FLAC/mp3 rips stored on my on-line external drives, with a backup, but, due to the fact that the original vinyl albums are irreplaceable, I would also like to archive the collection off-line.

  12. Luka Manestar says:

    As always really well done m8. Have the same setup (backup vise) as you, only different Syno models.

    Keep it up!

  13. Darren Gator says:

    Synology make awesome NAS drives. I also back up to an ext. hard drive and DVD disc, you can never have enough back up! Brilliant video Dave.

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