OS X Yosemite Overview

OS X Yosemite, Apple’s newest Mac operating system, introduces a flatter, more modern iOS 7-style look that emphasizes translucency, streamlined toolbars, and smarter controls.

Along with a new look, OS X Yosemite includes several feature improvements, like a “Today” view in Notification Center that offers integration with third-party apps and an improved Spotlight search that pulls in data from new sources.

Apple has also added improvements to several core apps, bringing a new look to Safari and new features to the Mail app, like Mail Drop, for attachments up to 5GB and Markup, which lets users make annotations to images and documents from within the Mail app.

Yosemite’s most notable feature set is “Continuity,” which allows the new OS to integrate deeply with iOS 8. With Handoff, users can start a task on one device and complete it on another with a seamless transition, and another Continuity feature, SMS relay, will let users answer phone calls on their Macs.

Yosemite is available as a free download to all Mac users beginning on October 16. For more information on the new operating system, make sure to check out our OS X Yosemite Roundup:

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  1. Assa Laos says:

    I’ve just updated my late 2013 13inch MacBook Air and whenever I turn on
    the computer, theres like a loading bar below the Apple Logo that takes a
    few seconds longer to load. Is anyone having the same problem or is it just
    mine.. or is it just how its supposed to be now? It seems to have almost
    double my boot up time.

    Also, when watching videos on full screen (netflix, youtube, everything
    else), the mouse seems a little iffy as it would completely disappear and
    it will only reappear when u click the mouse which usually pause the vids,
    its kind of annoying. Also when clicking on things it doesn’t really
    highlight it or show any indication that I’ve clicked it, this only seem to
    occur on web browser.

    Not sure if what I’m experiencing is just bugs or not but I’ve experienced
    a LOT of strange bugs with the cursor.

    If anyone has these same problems please let me know. 

  2. dicapricorne says:

    Hello everyone, I am french so sorry for my english, I need help, I have
    downloaded Yosemite and now my computer, well it’s actually Launchpad not
    App Store wants me to download Mavericks, wtf? My computer was already
    under Mavericks before I update Yosemite. And as a problem doesn’t come
    alone, App Store wants me to dowload iMovie but I have already download it.
    Seriously?!? Anyone has the same problems???! Just wanted to add that I
    have a 15″ Macbook Pro buy in 2011….

  3. Zak Dwyer says:

    R.I.P. OSX, those ugly icons and effects will be the end of you

  4. Red Shift says:

    I wish I stayed with Mavericks.

  5. Fwuzeem says:

    As I don’t have an iphone, there’s no point in upgrading at all. Sometimes
    the latest is not the greatest. Snow Leopard is still amazing imho

  6. RainmakerHD says:

    is there any way to keep the old design on Yosemite? The ugly design (well,
    imo it is) was already one of the reasons I switched to Android.

  7. Pitou Teng says:

    does updating yosemite from maverick make your computer slower??, cause
    last time when i update from lion to maverick. i felt the difference.

  8. xX_B15CU17_D0R1T05_MLG_MTN_D3W_QU1CK5C0P3_L0RD_Xx says:

    Will I be able to keep all of my old files and applications if I update?

  9. John De Leon says:

    can you put music or videos on iCloud drive?

  10. Geektendo | FIFA 15, Nintendo & more! says:

    +MacRumors How come my iPhoto is not updated to the new one even though I
    downloaded all the updates? Please answer!

  11. MrTechTester says:

    The redesign is disgusting. Apple’s design has gone way down hill

  12. Insan3Creeper says:

    can you change the way the dock looks or the same all the time? i actually
    like the dock and close buttons on os x mavericks better

  13. Max O'Shaughnessy says:

    I’m running OS 10.8.5 Mountain Lion and want to update to Yosemite, do I
    have to update to 10.9 Mavericks then update again to Yosemite or can I
    just do it straight from Mountain Lion?

  14. Fubbel S. says:

    I don’t really like the new design.. I am still on OSX 10.6.8 which is just
    too awesome so I don’t want to update at all haha

  15. rawcheese123 says:

    Im buying a macbook pro retina latest model in 2 months. Will it
    automatically already have os x Yosemite? I hope it doesnt but please
    answer this question..

  16. ALI ESSA says:

    I’m not crazy about the ios look.
    I love Mac I plan on getting a mini and possibly a book, but I hate ios
    with a passion.

    This makes me reconsider a bit. 

  17. Diego Fuentes says:

    What’s happening with Apple, Yosemite is not Available in USA. 

  18. Btown_Snoopy says:

    when i try downloading Yosemite i keep getting this ”the item you’ve
    requested is not currently available in the Canadian store.” am i the only
    one with this problem ? 

  19. fifemyluck says:

    My update says that it will finish loading in 5 days… 5 days…. is this
    normal or should I be worried 

  20. orasis says:

    So I guess the death of Steve Jobs did effect OS X. What does Apple have
    now? A bigger phone (oh wow!) and a shit fucking ugly OS X… NOPE!

  21. IEatApples says:

    It has an downloading bar, “waiting”.
    What do I do? Will it happen eventually?

  22. Spirited Driver says:

    Ugly, ugly, ugly!
    First off, Is it just me or is the dock UGLY with that basic square frosted
    glass look compared to the previous version with animated magnify effect in
    the previous OS X. More ugliness is apparent with the look of what is
    found on the portable os 8 devices. I love my powerful and beautiful 27″
    iMac and it is more expensive for a reason, on the same note i don’t
    admire our iphone 5s and ipad because they are far too basic, and now some
    apps on yosemite are now made to look the same which now makes my iMac look
    more basic. They went backwards in design!!!!
    Also, im not sure if they are considering the fact that other users in the
    house with iphones may not want to integrate and share with other peoples
    iMacs. There might be a privacy issue here. And sorry, as much as i love
    my iMac, I am sticking with my android phone!!!

  23. deathlord88 says:

    meh. nothing worth updating. I am using android anyway. 

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