PC vs Mac + Best Gaming Laptop

THIS IS AN OLD LEGACY VIDEO. FOR ALL MY LATEST (2017+) CONTENT CLICK HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUufD7zjGjLLw6tupsFR2kS8z-zfnlvO5

Should you get a PC or a Mac? I use a funny competition between the two, and give you suggestions on which one you should get. I also mention a high end gaming laptop. Links will be posted below shortly.

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Best Gaming Laptop:

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  1. gameplayers xl says:

    i need to say mac is a beutifal computer whit NO VIRUS OR HACKERS windos dont and mac play games better but dont have all the games thats treu but i only play minecraft and civ 5 windos is slowy and dont work fexibel

  2. gameplayers xl says:

    mac is dont overprised if you search good i have a mac and is verry good for games windos sucks

  3. Hert Niks says:

    Get an external mic.. really.

  4. PolarBeer says:

    Dude, get your facts straight. MacBook Pros are way more expensive. The Cheapest MacBook Pro is around $1600-$1700, and my Lenovo gaming laptop has a really processor, can play games like grand theft auto for PC, dying light, far cry 4, and cost around $1100. And PS MacBook Pros suck at gaming.

  5. Kenneth Rasco says:

    FYI mac's are overprised and sux at fps comparison in almost every game soo pc is a lot better cuz I got 700+fps in mac 120+ #REKTSON

  6. Saitama says:

    Who won

  7. luis fernandez says:


    So my birthday is coming soon and im think of getting a mc air and i would want to play minecraft on it do u think its good for it or…?

  8. Robbie Gorman says:

    Ummmm PC is LESS expensive and games BETTER! Macs over priced and overheats. PC is awesome! Mac is a cult. PC is open. PC looks better 

  9. ShadowyXP says:

    wow he must have had some shitty experiences with windows because if i dont have to take my windows pc into the shop every year

  10. apple jacks says:

    mac walks up to pc and said "hey pc what game are you playing?"
    pc said "all of them."
    mac got mad and committing suicide
    pc later edited the gameplay he took and looked up some good hardcore porn then ran its antivirus software and was good.
    (also pcs keyboard lit up red and macs lit up a crappy weak white light)
    these are facts
                      -peter griffin 

  11. AMD_Nemesis says:

    hahaha, mac's and pc's don't have the same hardware you stupid fuck  

  12. Bionic Potato says:

    For some reason I've never really liked the Mac UI.

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