Prizefight – Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Air 13″ 2014

Prizefight - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs. MacBook Air 13 Microsoft made a direct comparison between the Surface Pro 3 and the MacBook Air 13″, so we’re throwing them into the Prizefight Ring …
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  1. Mr. E says:

    This comparison does not make sense. You are comparing a tablet to a
    laptop. Honestly, I’m surprised how well the Surface did, considering. You
    should be comparing this to the iPad Air. Just because the Surface can run
    Windows, does not suddenly make it a laptop. Rather, it makes it a very
    versatile tablet. If CNET matched the Surface to the iPad Air, the only
    thing the Surface would have been docked points on is price, and
    considering the Surface can replace most laptops if desired, its price is

  2. Ingiomar Martina says:

    Lol MacBook wins Value? Hahahahaha pathetic fanboys. The Surface Pro 3
    doubles as a laptop and a tablet. If you buy a MacBook book you can’t use
    it as a tablet. That alone makes the Surface Pro much more Valuable than
    the MacBook.

  3. JULIUS K says:

    Apple wins. So Shut UP WINDOWS FAN BOYS.
    SP3 is a overpriced pos. And mac holds the better resale value too.

  4. Reventon109 says:

    i3 surface 799! i3 mac 999! excuse me but…

  5. Jamie2Starr says:

    What a surprise! Brian(C net) goes with Apple. What a shocker?! Didn’t see
    that coming. 

  6. HecticNicksCorner says:

    How can you say that the air has better performance??? Stats don’t lie. The
    only advantage to the mac is the battery life. Everything else is better on
    the surface.

  7. Mohamed Abdourahman says:

    Is it worth it to get 4gb of RAM or upgrade to 8GB ? No serious gaming
    mainly watching movies.

  8. TrentSki80 says:

    Hands down surface pro wins, it has a real OS, apples OS is made for kids,
    if your dumb, it will work for you, since its dumbed down, but it is slow
    and productivity goes down the drain and they are twice as hard to support

  9. H3avyHitta says:

    Apple mac is trash old technology surface pro 3 destroys all apple products
    right now..

  10. Njoi Fontes says:

    lol how the hell doe mac win in value? It dies not even have a touch screen
    or 1080 p screen… Or a stylus? Obviously you are getting much more in the
    Surface pro 3

  11. Schwenkasaurus Rex says:

    iOS ARE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER AS TABLETS!!! If you want a laptop, and a

  12. Fimontronia says:

    MS deserved a low value score because of the complete ripoff of a keyboard.
    But let’s face it. SP3 is by far the better product. This review is meant
    for people looking for laptops with limited usage period.

    1. SP3 isn’t a laptop. It also functions as a touch screen tablet. It has a
    much larger slew of capabilities than the the Air which would need an IPad
    on the side to be even close to capable of doing what the SP3 can single
    handedly. So yes this video is correct in that in terms of design hardware
    as a laptop, the Air wins. But SP3 is far more functional.

    2. W8 OS might seem strange because of the 2 interfaces. But the fact is,
    people have been installing Android emulators on their W7 PCs for years.
    What W8 accomplishes the ability to function both as an OS that runs
    mainstream applications and an OS that runs low-end apps at the same time.
    And it does so very well. SP3 has W8.1 Professional. The Air has OSX which
    is absolutely useless in comparison to W8.

    W8 has the fastest growing software line in history. W8 is the OS to rule
    them all. Android and Apple have many great apps. However, W8 already
    dominates the mainstream software market, high-end video game market, and
    is rapidly taking over the low-end app market. W8 OS is a MUST as far as
    I’m concerned. No other OS can do crap in comparison.

    3. Why the Air anyway? Why not compare it to a real contender. I would
    highly recommend the Razer 14″ laptop over the Air any day. It’s touted as
    a gaming laptop, but to be real, it’s a beast of an ultra-book that would
    eat the Air for breakfast, and flush it down the toilet all day long.

  13. ronald robin says:


  14. Gdwolf50 says:

    The surface kills the Macbook on portability and capability. Why are we
    even talking about this? I am sure the Mackbook is a fine machine, but it’s
    based on a 25 year old paradigm that could use a refresh. The most
    important feature of a portable computer is its portability followed
    closely by its utility. The surface raises the bar and everyone else will
    be playing catch up for a while.

    Either way the consumer wins.

  15. Alex Keeney says:

    Im looking at a new lap top for my senior year of high school that needs to
    last me through college, Is it worth going with the macbook pro? or will a
    13 inch air suffice? 

  16. Ken Heslip says:

    Pretty sure I know the result before even watching. Cnet aren’t going to
    put an apple product second.

  17. God Exists says:

    apple paid CNET for this

  18. Razor2048 says:

    Keep in mind that the surface pro 3 cannot handle a full CPU load for an
    extended period of time. Brand new out of the box, the surface pro 3
    throttles if left at 100% load for 10-15 minutes. This will only get worst
    since it is nearly impossible to take apart without breaking the screen, as
    the heatsink gets clogged with dust, the device will begin to throttle more
    often. The surface pro 3 will also not have a user replaceable battery
    (same with the macbook air but with the macbook air, a user can take it
    apart enough to get to the battery without causing significant damage to
    the device).

  19. Thomas Alex says:

    Great video….
    For people who says that surface doubles as a tablet the answer is NO. It’s
    heavy, clunky, and metro aids are just horrible.

    And MS made a direct comparison to MBA so this video makes a lot of sense.
    Surface is a nightmare on the lap and it uses more space than it should
    because of the hinge on the back. And it being a windows OS you are most
    likely to run into errors that never make sense. And man the battery on a
    Mac is just to good to best it.

    This video absolutely makes sense and there are just to many fanboys here
    who just can’t deal with the fact that some won

  20. john22312 says:

    Ohhh look at the surface pro 3 but I am stuck with this shitty pass surface
    rt barely any apps can’t download anything from browser other than porn and
    music. Like this surface Rt is useless. No games and extremely difficult
    and uncomfortable to use the touch screen to type on which I would know
    since I am using it right now. I think its always the first impression that
    matters the most and I am a very unforgiving person. No matter what tricky
    shit they show you about the surface u will eventually be disappointed I
    mean the common laptop can never be replaced. Especially by some cheap
    gimmick like the surface series by the infamous Microsoft crew.

  21. luggage12345 says:

    I’ve owned a PC growing up and even used windows 8 for a year. After
    converting to a Mac last year, It’s safe to say I won’t go back to Windows
    anytime soon. Microsoft can tweak the software of Windows but nothing beats
    the versatility, fluidity and security of OS X. OS X almost removes the
    stress of the troubles of owning a PC 

  22. Ingiomar Martina says:

    @ActualBox The Surface has a Digitizer pen and touch screen, higher
    resolution display and doubles as a tablet. How exactly does the MacBook
    beat that value? Why so biased? XD

  23. Marc Villanueva says:

    ITunes performance on a windows machine, seriously, try doing an Xbox music
    performance on the MacBook, this is so #BIASED

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