Review: Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 Features

as the title says, Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 Features Overview. Sorry for the dogs. I’m not mean they just annoy me because they bark at every little sound …
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I recently got a used white MacBook, which came with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, which is unfortunately incompatible with many current programs. So that’s why I a…
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  1. Mega MissingNo. says:

    Have you even used Leopard? Because a lot of these features were introduced
    in Leopard, NOT Snow Leopard. Some of these features were introduced in
    Tiger!!!!!! Also, why the f*** do you have Office for Mac 2004 when Office
    for Mac 2008 had already been out for 2 years!!!!!! And unlike Office for
    Mac 2004, Office for Mac 2008 is written in Universal binary which means it
    will run natively on your Core 2 Duo. Office for Mac 2004 is written in
    PowerPC binary, which means it will have to run in emulation on your Core 2
    Duo via Rosetta, meaning emulation issues can occur.

  2. KinggoGames says:

    i hear the setup song from xp

  3. Tajwar H says:

    LMFAO. 4:55 shouting at the dog to shut. Such a wuss!

  4. kelvin koomson says:

    man this guys does not know how nice a dog is SHUT
    UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.ADVICE:dont shout at your dog.dogs are man’s best

  5. David Santiago says:

    wallpapers are not new features “/

  6. Owen Boyd says:

    :'( I feel for you. Maybe get a power pc mac mini or ibook?

  7. Mighty Lover says:

    hahaha shut up! funny shit!

  8. opusman2 says:

    What’s the point of using the Windows XP installation song on a Mac OS X

  9. Laimonas Lizdenis says:

    LMAO! Windows XP Installation soundtrack :DDDD *Posible to hear that only
    if during installation Audio Drivers avaylable… 😀

  10. XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

    Nice video demonstration!!! Though youre wallpaper is too distracting with
    all the water bubbles!

  11. FrankieJames7 says:

    your using the hidden song in Windows XP,i wounder why Microsoft hides all
    the stuff in Windows???

  12. TFDgohan says:

    @KingofComputing ah sorry to hear that dude i know u should not and i dont
    like it but why not download a copy of iLife from the web coz every Mac
    should have iLife its a must have 🙂

  13. hamza62240 says:

    🙁 I Use a Windows 8 Shitty PC It Sucks and I am getting a MacBook Pro 🙂
    Cant Even Wait to get my MacBook Pro 😀

  14. Luckoirish440 says:

    SHUT UP!!!!!

  15. VGRVideoGameReviewer says:


  16. anush10 says:

    shut up! shut up! 5 stars nice review 😀

  17. Ross Barreiro says:

    lmfao. “shut up!!, shut upp!!!

  18. maverick7376 says:

    @KingofComputing i have hackintosh and im proud of it 🙂

  19. HiddenAbilities says:

    @KingofComputing Hahaha! 😛

  20. red20ro says:

    “This is new.. Maybe this.. Maybe this.. and Maybe this..” Correction,
    everything on a Mac is new, even when it’s old, it still feels NEW! XD
    Loving mac forever!

  21. Andrew Botish says:

    whats the background song??? please reply

  22. FrankieJames7 says:

    SHUT UP,i kno..thats…,SHUT UP,lol,nice features over view

  23. SamPlayzHD says:

    You should do a hackintosh! 

  24. zach owens says:

    can you update one of these from tiger strait to 10.7.5 with out the other
    ones like leopard and snow leopard please respond back.

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