Rip Copy-Protected DVDs with Free Software for Windows 10, Mac OS X or Linux

If you’re like Robbie, you may not have a DVD/BluRay player connected to your TVs, but have connected devices that allow you to play video files through software such as Plex. This week we’ll show you how to import your video DVDs into MP4 files so you can watch your owned DVDs once again on next-gen devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

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  1. David Liebman says:

    I have to watch again. how to get the dll for windows. My question is can I convert to an mp4 that I can use on itunes, my ipod or even my apple tv?

  2. Samuel benshabat says:

    hello i need help! i follow the instructions however it download the dvd when i play it,from some reason it scrambled..

  3. Christine C. says:

    hi guys…can the mp4 files be loaded onto a flash drive?

  4. ECXTD says:

    Why wouldn't you pick a 720 preset when the width is 720?

  5. Christine C. says:

    hi.  are Plex and HandBake the same type of system?

  6. Christine C. says:

    many thanks! this will be great for moving out of the country! I have a few cds that could use this type of solution too… any suggestions or will this work for these as well?

  7. Absurdi TV says:

    A very interesting looking man.

  8. KR Campbell says:

    Hi- I did everything in this video and still my video is very pixelated. It plays fine in my computer but is not working in Handbrake. Any suggestions? thanks

  9. queeny2276 says:

    Hi, I'm trying to rip DVD's onto my computer and then copy them to a USB flash drive and play them on my tv. Now I'm not a total tech savvy person but I know how to do stuff. I tried a lot of combinations but the TV will not even read the file. I've played lots of other files on my TV with the USB but I know it doesn't read MKV files…..can you please help? 🙂

  10. Ethan Cooper says:

    Had to download the specific version 1.0 of handbrake that they were using for this to work.

  11. GRUS says:

    Thx very much. Great Tutorial

  12. Utkarsh Verma says:

    I've purchased some video lectures DVDs. when I open the file contents , there is no content shown indicating that they're protected DVDs . when I play it , it plays.
    now I want to copy the DVDs on my hard drive. how to?

  13. craig tiffany says:

    Rip dvd and use Windows media player to cast to any WiFi tv or blu ray player.

  14. Emily Jone says:

    There are many other DVD rippers. Such as dvdfab,leawo dvd ripper, bytecopy. These programs can copy DVDs easily and fast.

  15. Pappa Krabs says:

    Does this work with Blu-ray?

  16. Alan B says:

    Doug and Wendy Whiner

  17. Charles Marcoe says:

    Very helpful. Love the step by step instructions. Gained a new sub.

  18. Javier Martinez says:

    Thank you!

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