Running Mac OS X And Windows Side By Side

A quick demo of running Virtual Box.

How To: Play Windows Games in Mac OS X

UPDATE: If you wish to see what game will work with this method check out Wine’s App Database here

X11 for 10.8:


How to run windows games in Mac OS X.

Wine Bottler:

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  1. Wodinn says:

    @cultofmactv shit I new I missed something. thanks for the reply. first time trying to run to os's on the same comp. It worked, however It says I don't have the disk space available to install Dungeons and Dragons Online I don't think. gotta figure out how to change it.

  2. CultofMactv says:

    @Jeudaos if you chose a dynamically expanding disk on setup, you shouldn't have a problem. Unfortunately, you can't fix that once it's already set up. 

  3. Wodinn says:

    If I didn't leave enough disk space to install the only game I even put virtual box on for. do I have to redo the whole damn thing over again? is there a way I can adjust disk space so I have enough to install the game I want to play?

  4. Wodinn says:

    I FIGURED IT OUT. At least I think so. Anybody having trouble getting the option for the guest host to come up and thusly, not having the option available under machine to switch to seamless integration. I may have skipped a step, not sure. but when it start working it told me it supported keyboard capture when I did it. but the pointer capture had to be toggled on and off with host key. I don't think sp1 supports the capture. I had to hit the option and quickly switch back to the vm window. 10x

  5. Wodinn says:

    @Jeudaos ok, it was just saying it has to capture it to switch and such. here's my problem. when I try to do the guess addons to get them to mess together nothing happens. and it won't even let me select the seemless integration option. did I miss something?

  6. Wodinn says:

    I keep getting these messages about my keyboard and mouse being "captured" then i guess unable to work within other applications outside of virtual box or something. anybody know what this is?

  7. Richard Hubbuck says:

    @flaggerify Screenflow.

  8. Samuel Du Toit (CafeEDM) says:

    I use wine bottler with steam. Would it run the new Star Wars battlefront through steam and onto wine bottler?


  9. Ray Lee says:

    what happens if you download this and play windows games on steam?

  10. GuRonGi อะนิเเม็ะ says:

    can you review this…

  11. someperson Tube's says:


  12. Gavriel bar-or says:

    would this work with battlefield 1?

  13. meliodas says:


  14. Peach Hamsterkanal says:

    Does this work with planet coaster?

  15. angry fan says:

    would this work with planet coster

  16. AmtrakHan6903 says:

    Trying to install ATS cracked 1.4. Hopefully it works.

  17. JustMenno says:

    does someone have combat arms with this

  18. Ichthus Paintball says:

    How did u get the game files… I want to play heroes and generals but not sure where to get the game files

  19. Lolerillo games says:

    sirve para wolfteam?

  20. KoolzKid says:


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