Should I buy iPad Pro or MacBook Pro 2016?

Hello there, have you ask yourself the question: Should I buy iPad Pro or MacBook Pro? Yes! Then this video is for you. This video was designed with the intentions of helping you to make a decision which apple computer will fit your needs the best. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback, please feel free to go ahead and drop below in the comment section of this video and thank you for watching this video and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPad Pro 9.7 Pricing and info:

iPad Pro 12.9 Pricing and info:

MacBook Pro 2016 Pricing and info:

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  1. OPOLO !! says:



  2. Nikon Pun says:

    if apple adds magic mousesupport on it then it can really be used as a laptop.

  3. Manfred Mann says:

    I suggest you make a serious comparison between IOS and OS X , aligned with both devices and individual use cases before creating #FUD

  4. Luke Hartung says:

    At this point the Mac Pro is only $1300

  5. Luke Hartung says:


  6. King Julian says:

    I think MacBook is better than iPad But it is more extensive

  7. Luis M. Pérez Suárez says:

    The MacBook Pro is better

  8. A Truck Campbell says:


  9. Lance says:

    Can I write college level essays with the iPad Pro?

  10. Mujtaba Asghar says:

    watched this video after release of IOS 11 , and man your review was pointed to future release!!

  11. Young SalDizzle says:

    Does ipad pro have flash to watch streams?

  12. manumitir says:

    Do I need a laptop though to manage my iPhone? For example to manage my photos and download them to an external hard drive?

  13. Steven OConnor says:

    It's not meant to be a replacement unless you're use set is light search is taking notes some form of wordprocessing with a keyboard it really does not replace everything but it is meant to be a true companion device. It is meant to be in a sense the handoff of your computer needs after the workday flow on a laptop or MacBook it's something that is best when you relax lay in bed sit at a table and just kick back with a cuppa coffee or are you just want to kill some time doing some web research do some reading watch the movies it was a great experience in that regard. For that alone they complement each other's differences so you do the unwinding side of your computing and then on the other you do your workflow.

  14. kev v says:

    Is that iPad pro 9.7 or 12.9? It looks like the 9.7

  15. KY M says:

    can you play high level games on the iPad pro

  16. Les D says:

    Dude. Chill out with the constant hand motion and swiping the ipad screen every second! Totally distracting and by the way, your review is about as untechnical as it gets. "get the big one if you need pro apps" get the small one if you need portability" is about all you say. Jeez we all know that. By the way congrats on your new mic. lol

  17. 33XXZ says:

    you suck

  18. AeroSixWJ says:

    I have a powerful PC desktop at the house. I bought an iPad because it's convenient and a perfect form factor for presenting documents and surfing the net and stuff. Just enough for what I need when I'm away from the house or even at work.

  19. The tech Vlog says:

    My favorite is macbook air

  20. Nathan Petruta says:

    Do you have a screen protector on your iPad Pro?

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