Should you buy a Laptop Tablet or Desktop?

Here is another ClefferTech episode for all of you. In this episode I will be covering the main question I have been seeing recently. Sometimes its difficult to decide what to get for your next computing device, so here is a video giving you the basic pros and cons of each computing device to hopefully give you a better understanding of what you will get next.
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  1. Maribel V-B says:

    I'm going to back tho school in the fall and currently do most of my work on my iPad . I'm debating on whether i should get a laptop or desktop to do the work i cant or is more difficult to do on my iPad. What do you suggest i get

  2. Nadim Choudhury says:

    pulls out the iPad and says they're cheap LMAO apple slave

  3. Muhammad Atif says:

    No one wants to spend 1000$ or more on a laptop except for the luxury of doing useful stuff like gaming at work.

  4. r2c123 says:

    Giant tablet and desktop or mini tablet and laptop

  5. 10k riders /Clips says:

    12 year old spoiled kid

  6. Neel Sharma says:

    woah he is everything Apple pro . lol

  7. gamerED says:

    Is 1 tb laptop with 8gb ram and i3 processor good for making YouTube videos and editing? Someone pls reply!!!

  8. TheAwesomeKate J says:

    Ok I'm 11 and have online classes for school. What should I get?!

  9. SammyRatty says:

    I'll probably choose laptop. I am able to choose between a laptop or a Mac . Agh post hard

  10. Unknown Substance says:

    how you buy all this?

  11. scouter715 says:

    who is that weird guy in the beginning talking 😛

  12. Juan Ciappara says:


  13. Tailyn Terry says:

    You guys should check out this custom built desktop computer! He can build anything to your specifications if you message him.

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