SimCity (2013) for Mac: Review

SimCity for the Mac is out. While performance wise is inferior to the Windows version (either because nVidia’s drivers for Windows are better than OS X ones which are rarely updated, or Maxis did a poor job implementing OpenGL to it), it is nice they took into account Lion Fullscreen, the game resolution does not change the screen resolution, and made it work well with the OS X environment overall.
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  1. Ikarus says:

    Would it be less laggy on my 15 Macbook Pro retina with the nvidia graphics

  2. Leo D Awesome says:

    Is it laggy cause my parents gonna buy it :(

  3. Mario Cisneros says:

    run on Mavericks?

  4. Rodrigo Yamashita says:

    First, thanks for your video. I want to ask you a question: do you think
    that the SimCity will run in a Mac Mini that i bought 2010. It is a Intel
    Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 320m 256MB and its software is
    the OS X 10.9.4. Thank you.

  5. TheDumbguy says:

    How are you running? that game… on ultra settings?

  6. Leo D Awesome says:

    Is it that laggy

  7. Mario Cisneros says:

    Thanks dude!

  8. Rashad says:

    This was another horrible port. I have a 2013 retina Macbook Pro, and it
    still is laggy. It runs smoother on lower spec’ed Windows PCs -_-

  9. Jp Lachowski says:

    Am I the only one who experience super laggy/slow movements on
    single/offline mode?

  10. Gabriel Cros says:

    Hello, thanks for your video. I would like an advice. I have a Macbook pro
    13″ 2011 (summer) with 4GB RAM, 2,3 GHz Inter Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics
    3000 384 Mo. I was considering that fact to buy Simcity on my mac because I
    like the game but I am afraid it would be slow. Do you think that my mac
    can support it ?


    Gabriel, Frenchy 

  11. Mr Drunk says:

    I have the PC copy of the game.. On the makers website it says that users
    with PC copy will get Mac copy free. I don;t know where or how to get the

    Any help?

    thank you

  12. Ritske van der Heide says:

    I have got a maxed out iMac 21,5″ and it even plays sluggish as hell..
    Horrible. Do I have to doubt my iMac?

  13. Justin Gillis says:

    Its on my worst mac realeases of 2013, it wont even start after i bought
    it, and worst of all the origins great game garenty doesnt aplly for it so
    now i got a game thats useless. All i wonder is how the hell do they manage
    to reslease this without fixing the most horrible bugs?

  14. TheBaggadonuts says:

    why?! WHY do you edit your videos to twitch at the end of every sentence.

  15. Gabe Harslett says:

    give me download link

  16. АВАТАРИЯ И LPS!!!!! says:

    блииинн а где можно скачать для мака?

  17. Jeff S says:

    sorry if you’ve already answered this, if you turn down the
    textures/lighting/animation detail, will the fps and performance increase?

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