SimCity (2013): Installing Mods on Mac OS X

This is a quick walkthrough of downloading and installing mods for SimCity on OS X.

1. Open Finder.
2. Select your Applications folder.
3. Right-click on the SimCity app, and choose Show Package Contents.
4. Open the Contents folder.
5. Open the Resources folder.
6. Your SimCityData folder is in here. 😉

For quick access to your SimCityData folder later. Right click on SimCityData and select Make Alias, then drag the alias (NOT THE ORIGINAL FOLDER) to the desktop.

Simtropolis: SimCity Mod Directory

OS X .RAR Extractors
The Unarchiver:

SimCity Planning Guide: Mod Installation Guide

Installing Mods on Windows

P.S. I would credit the artist of the music, but I picked it from a menu on Youtube, and they didn’t provide that kind of information.
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SimCity 2000 Music - Mac Version (2 of 3)

This is a selection of more music from the Macintosh version of SimCity 2000. It’s interesting to hear the difference between the Mac, Windows, DOS, and console versions. Note that the Mac version doesn’t seem to use QuickTime as its MIDI synthesizer. The individual instruments are stored within the game application itself. Some of the “bass” type instruments seem to have a crackly/static kind of sound to them, which makes them seem a bit jarring at times, but overall the music sounds quite good.

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  1. Tony Fernandez-Vinas says:

    Thanks Brian. I've followed your instructions several times and still cannot get the game to play after installing UDON, Akar, and a few mods. The extra buttons for the UI are there, but have no content. I've even uninstalled/reinstalled the game from Origin, and ran the repair several times. I've searched up and down the internet for a solution but not found one. I hope you or someone can help me because I'm addicted.

  2. SWBF Hub says:

    Thanks man! this helped alot couldnt find another video of this kind

  3. Pharaolp says:

    thanks bro :3
    abo and like for you

  4. FreeKicks n' Stuff says:

    If you download the simcity version from the mac app store there isn't a ../Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityUserData/Packages. it misses the /Packages.

  5. M Yaworski says:

    I added the mods I wanted — my game was not running — when I restarted the game my city's 122,000 population showed up as 17,000. All the factories needed workers. I had to quit the game, remove the mods, repair the game and my pop was still gone. Thank goodness for time machine, as I had to go back a day to get my city back to where it was. That, being said, I got all my pop back but the factories are now all buggy and ask for workers–keep going abandoned because of lack of skilled workers even though the education map has 99% educated pop with 80% tech skill. I think my game is pooched. So no mods for me again.

  6. GrUmPyGrAy says:

    Thank you so much! I'm a windows person but my girlfriend has a mac, so this was very helpful 🙂

  7. Supreme AHS says:

    do u need the rar extractors?

  8. Pashizzle500 says:

    I've tried to install NAM 32.1, and there are no errors or noticeable problems but the extra roads do not appear in the game. It says in the read me that if downloaded from the Mac App Store the required installation folder is in the library, I tried to install there but to no avail. The folder in the library I tried to install to appears empty in finder, but when I browse folders within the installer to find it, it contains all the right subfolders.

    Is the solution as simple as installing the files the copying and pasting them into the library folder, or do I have to do something more complex? 

  9. Jacob Morales says:

    I got the world trade center mod and I've been waiting for it to be built. Hopefully it gets built soon

  10. Sam Chen says:

    Macbook Air for Simcity mod is not working?

  11. Max G. Hoffman says:

    I don't have the simcitydata please help!

  12. Cristian Gars says:

    Nice video! But you know where I can find the game to mac? 

  13. Lambert D. Prémont says:

    Ressources doesnt show up, is it my version of something? P.S. I'm only 13. I can't handle files and I hate the company Complicated™® Inc. 

  14. Caesar MLP says:

    It always gives me .zip files…

  15. Titus Brown says:

    Yes i do

  16. Oberon Taiwan says:

    Absolutely. Whenever I hear Sim City PC music I think "Hey, that's not quite right." I grew up on a Mac and spent many hours creating on Sim City 2000. THIS is the right music.

  17. Andrew Galbraith says:

    The first time I heard Air's "Alone in Tokyo" I could have sworn it was a ripoff of the first song here. Still makes me think of SimCity 2000 every time I hear it. Thanks for posting these!

  18. Raycloud says:

    This music makes me so sad and nostalgic.

  19. Supercharged2160 says:

    2:30 – 3:20 is Subway SOong

  20. Supercharged2160 says:

    SimCity 2000 had the best music man

  21. Kyle Hill says:

    Unlike the later Sim Cities why did this one put the music in weird formats?

    Why does some games put music in weird files?

  22. ophello says:

    PC users missed out on the best music.

  23. Captain Whisky says:


    I played this game first on the mac. PC's midi versions of these songs never sounded anywhere near as good.

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