Siri vs Dragon Dictation on Mac

In this video we do a comparison of dictation using Siri dictation on the Mac compared to using Dragon Dictate. Siri dictation is quite useful for a small pieces of dictation here and there, but it’s nowhere near as accurate as you’ll find with Dragon. This is easily proved in this test. Some of the changes I show in the end of the video using Scrivener to compare the texts are capitalisation errors. When I’m dictating using DragonDictate I can rectify capitalisation errors as I write. It is possible to capitalise as you go using Siri dictation so those problems could be minimised to a certain extent. With DragonDictate it’s possible to capitalise words after the fact during a dictation session. In fact you get much more capability with editing text you’ve already written when using DragonDictate.

When I compare the original text with the dictation from DragonDictate there were two or three genuine errors which I didn’t spot as I was writing. There were also a couple of errors introduced by my not reading the text carefully enough. In any case, DragonDictate wins hands down in this head-to-head confrontation of dictation services. This is why I recommend if you’re a writer and planning to do a lot of writing it’s worth spending the money to get the Dragon dictation software. It may seem fairly expensive at first look. When you see how much time you’ll save by using dictation software that does the job properly, you will be happy enough to spend the money. Using dictation works out at about three or four times faster than using the keyboard so you can expect a huge increase in productivity by using dictation.

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The all-new Dragon for Mac delivers fast speech recognition that’s 15% more accurate than ever and supports the latest applications, including Microsoft Word 2016 with Full Text Control. See how to use your voice to quickly dictate and edit documents in Word.
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  1. Bruce Clingman says:

    Good illustration. I was happy with Siri dictation. But this helps push the limits of my expectations. Thanks

  2. ThePurpleUFO says:

    Great comparison…thank you.

  3. Revealist says:

    Thanks for doing this! How does DD perform when you mix typing with speaking?

  4. Cole Massie says:

    (Speaker 1)
    Dragon for Mac (version 5) includes support for both Microsoft Word 2011 and Microsoft Word 2016. You can mix talking and typing while you use Dragon's voice commands to format, edit, and correct text. New paragraph. Now I'm typing on the keyboard. And now I'm back to using Dragon.

    Bold Talking and typing. Capitalize voice commands. Italicize keyboard. Underline back.

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