Spark Email Client Finally Comes to Mac

The well reviewed email client Spark comes to the Mac from the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.
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  1. Wayne Blake says:


  2. Nicolas Trojanowski says:

    Does anyone know how to save an email into Finder folders from Spark? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Dan Skinstad says:

    Please could somebody tell me how to edit a message and forward it much like adding comments but also to change color and font size

  4. Em Jay says:

    What about Wavebox?

  5. David Greenwell says:

    I tried Spark for two or three weeks and loved almost everything about it!

    Sadly I had to revert back to Apple's Mail application for one reason only. I could find no way to turn off the "threads" functionality – i.e. where a string of 4 or 5 related emails show as a single item in the sidebar (with a number in a grey square showing the number of related emails).

    I know this is a popular concept at the moment but I don't like it as I find it very hard to find particular emails… you have to show the history (manually) to find them and they don't seem to show up when you do a search – either for the sender/recipient or a text phrase you know is in the email.

    Also, and I suspect this is a related issue, if I go to my sent items it may say, for example, two sent emails for the day when I know that I may have sent half a dozen or more! I don't know why I can't see the other sent emails and they don't show up when I do a search for them either.

    It's a shame because, apart from these problems, I think Spark is great! But it is a deal breaker.

  6. Photonerds University says:

    Are you still using Spark? Does it have a way to set up an Out of Office-Auto reply? Do you use folders and if so how do you like them in Spark. I've been using Airmail which I love but folders are weird and it doesn't have a way to set up an out of office reply which is a HUGE deal breaker for me personally. Your help would be AWESOME! Thanks in advance.

  7. Jon Ramos says:

    Airmail has iCloud sync and is a much better tool for heavy email use.

  8. Neil Morris says:

    explain what pin stands for i just got the app can explain to me

  9. Alex Wang says:

    Does anyone know how to unsnooze an email?

  10. Darren Lo says:

    I was looking for something new. The just wasn't doing it for me. I'm going to give this app a go for the next couple of weeks. I'm using it for school since my semester just started. I love how the layout is so clean!

  11. Bryan Paucar says:


  12. Taylor Albaugh says:

    I love the spark email app for my mac that I just got yesterday. Does anyone know how to turn off conversation view so when I get multiple emails from the same person the emails aren't just stacked with numbers and instead is individually laid out like traditional emails?

  13. John Cross says:

    How did you get the " use spark sounds" option at 2:33 in the video. I do not have that option available to me on mine.

  14. Phil Shapley says:

    Does it integrate to the quick share function on Mac and iOS?

  15. Shevon Salmon says:

    I love spark I use it on my iphone

  16. Changiz K Baluch says:

    I am very happy that finally spark announced its app for mac. I have been loving it on iOS and watchOS forever. I have literally checked Readdle' s website more than two times if the mac version had been announced. Now can't wait to download it.

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