Split view: Mac vs Windows 10

One of the new features on Mac OS X El Capitan is Split View. This is similar to the Windows 10 Snap View where you can place two apps in full screen. You can actually snap up to four apps in Windows 10, but we’ll just use two apps in this comparison to make it fair.

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I swear to Jesus Christ, this is as simple as it gets. Thank to Tanner’s geniusness, we were able to install the (less dumb version of Bootcamp) application “Wine Bottler” which is used for converting any Windows application to a Mac compatible one–precisely which we’d done to Steam. Once this is done, you can play any Windows-only Steam game on your Mac. It’s EASY, it’s SIMPLE, and it will only take 15 minutes to a half an hour of your time–which is worth it for an eternal revolutionization of gaming for your face!! Once again, thank you dear Tanner–check him out in my Featured Channels list. I hope we were able to help you guys out!

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  1. thinkiat says:

    sure is windows, and 3finger swipe to switch between dekstops, very handy.

  2. Raka Aditya S. says:

    Windows split view is the only thing that I missed on the Mac

  3. Freddy fazbears Pizza says:

    Windows is not easier

  4. yeukang says:

    This was an old video but… you were comparing Split View (which on Windows is called Split Screen, because… it splits the screen) to Window Snapping. On Mac you unfortunately need to install a third party app (BetterSnapTool for example) for snapping Windows, but they work very well, are customizable, and unlike on Windows, snapping actually works on multiple external displays.

    Another thing that you overlooked: While dragging a window to snap it is "intuitive" for you, it's actually not that much more intuitive than pressing the "full screen" button on a window for a new user. There's no real life logic in that. The first time you interact with the window you perhaps would start clicking its buttons, then start dragging, and trying to resize it to half size. All based on your previous knowledge.

    And the line between the window has no visual indication that you can actually drag between them. I though you would resize one of the window, but the system tries to readjust the other window while in split screen, hence the small flash of the window UI updating.

    So which one is easier… I guess if you compare "split view/screen" to "window snapping", Windows might be easier, but if we're gonna be fair, I'd say Split view, since you didn't even know that the split view feature that Apple copied from Windows existed at all! 🙂

  5. IRB Rgal says:

    windows is best, and forever will

  6. Arek J says:

    windows 10 is buggy af wish i had mac but im broke and i enjoy plauying games like battlefield

  7. Samuel Wolfe says:

    I still love the switching between desktops on OS X with three fingers on the trackpad

  8. Ihsan Husandi says:

    In case of ease of use, OSX will never ever beat Windows

  9. Грицина Михайло says:

    I like this video. It's interesting to know such thing like that. Because, I really did not know the little differences between Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan.

  10. Edwin Toone says:

    I am a Mac user but I used Windows for many years and like some things about both, however in this case Windows in soooooo much better than Mac. In fact, from what I have seen of Windows 10 I am almost ready to switch. Currently I am pretty disappointed in Mac.

  11. merritt jackson says:

    I recently purchased a Mac and the El capitan seems like it is very unecessary with that method used in the video using the green box

  12. Jamie Bond says:

    Mac's menu bar, spaces, and full screen vs maximize modes are a dizzying array of nonsense. Go to any mac forum and you will see avid mac users complaining behind the scenes how they hate it. Of course when speaking to a Windows person they will tout how it's easier or makes better sense blah blah blah… but behind the scenes they are just as unhappy with this confusing and illogical array of cheesy window management 'features' which Apple shoves down their throats. Now with El Capitan they have included a way to hide the menu bar after decades of mac users complaining how the menu bar is redundant and takes up valuable screen space. Apple's implementation of spit view is horrible. Check out the new iphone battery pack cover… also hideous and not nearly or even close as well designed as third party cases. As many have said before, Apple was on a roll with Steve Jobs, and the momentum was such that even after his death Apple still probably has a good decade before their crappy implementations, closed systems, and stagnant designs will turn away customers. Of course the first thing any Apple user will do is to attack MS for windows 8… but unlike Apple, Microsoft's worst days are behind it and best day set to come. Apple is the opposite.

  13. happyaccidents says:

    I use both mac and pc but the split view is pretty much useless. I can't even get it to work properly half the time. Mac trackpad gestures with windows 10, window management would be heaven.

  14. unnamed ZZ says:

    Anybody thinking that Mac is more intuitive than Microsoft Windows has been definitely brainwashed!!

    I moved from Microsoft to Mac few months ago due to the verbal traps of its lovers and I really regret the spending (read waste) on that MacBook Air.

    Does Mac perform better than Microsoft Windows? yes it does, of course it does, it is the least versatile and featured OS I have ever seen, you need third party apps for basic tasks like split screen, avoid sleep when the lid is closed, etc, etc. How is going a system fail with such a lack of features.

    Virtual Machines perform nicely and smoothly though using VMware Fusion in my case.

  15. Oisin Gallagher says:

    thanks to everyone who helped with wordpad completely missed that 🙂

  16. PANDA says:

    hey nice video but when I start my game the game doesn't open, its says running for a few seconds but then it disappears. plz help me

  17. SomeRandom GatorFan says:

    Worked just fine until I tried to install a game. It will not complete the installation, I always get this Steam error message about how the Steam servers are too busy to handle my request. Please Help!

  18. Reflexdollars says:

    Downloaded windows steam perfectly, however the first game I went to play on the Windows Steam opened up with a black screen. Any advice?

  19. Queen Darnelle says:

    So why do you need the MAC one?

  20. Random Gamer says:

    Wow I can't believe this worked I tried when a while back and couldn't do it but man thanks for the help like sheesh this is awesome

  21. Gryffind Oz says:

    does it usually take long while installing, because installing wont just move ahead.

  22. Ethan Ramsey says:

    Will i be able to run h1z1 with this

  23. Akira Patafio says:

    Can someone help the store is black

  24. Edward Pizzurro says:

    Can i download GTA V with this method???

  25. Mr KnowItAll says:

    does it only work for semi older games ? trying to play thr new player unknown battleground

  26. CHESTER KILLER says:

    hey I am downloading rainbowsix siege in Mac but it need Uplay

  27. Maxwell Germ says:

    it all worked but when i press play on the downloaded game it says internal error contact steam

  28. lacbankv3 says:

    After torturing myself with every other option of playing Morrowind on my Mac, this finally worked. THANK YOU MY NIGGA! I JUST WANTED TO PLAY MORROWIND IN ALL ITS GLORY! FUCKING THAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU!!!!

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