Switching from PC to Mac is Easy with this Tutorial

This is a tutorial on the most common differences between windows and Mac OS X that confuse new Mac users. It describes how the Finder works, what the Dock is and how to use it, Mac’s internet browser Safari, how to “install” applications and programs, and how to use Expose. Don’t be scared to switch from PCs to Macs because you don’t know how to use them, watch this tutorial!
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  1. Jacob Oliva says:

    puyatan talaga pota isang kaha isang oras powtahhhh

  2. Collin says:

    4:58 – "you can have your computer zoom out". How ?

  3. Jorgegamertv says:

    pc are macs. macs are pc.

  4. Josh Utley says:

    Correction on installing apps on Mac OS X most of the time it's simple but some still make you do an install and they still leave files around the computer that's why you should use App Zapper to uninstall an app because it will search for the leftover files after uninstalling.

    Why would you have several open Safari Windows why not use tabs?

  5. polisherci says:

    thank you for the video ^_^

  6. pschroeter1 says:

    Telling newcomers to drag their Applications folder next to the Trash doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Would it show a warning if you accidentally dropped it in the Trash?

  7. hostilityy says:

    hey dude is there a faster way to get to my music folders and other folders without going through that top menu? shortcut?

  8. avishkar gole says:

    Thanks for the video !!! create more of these the mac needs to be explained. 

  9. Vladimír Petija says:

    this is very usefull, thanks so much for the video. Now I understand the mac platform a little bit better, allthough the things you show on a video resamble to the windows.

  10. rjrednose says:

    This tutorial was great and I am a frustrated new mac user getting less frustrated every hour. This tutorial is a beginning not an end. I suspect we are to learn more and teach ourselves. I'm ready! Thanks!

  11. QuartetmanIA says:

    Sorry but this tutorial is useless for beginners.

  12. QuartetmanIA says:

    How did you open the Finder Window? I am totally new to MACs… I hate this damn computer..Who said Apple is easier than a PC?

  13. Emilia Amanda says:

    we could have lived without that stupid comment, thank you.

  14. Thebigjoke1111 says:

    Loooool y yall people fighting ok we all know that stonetablet are better no comment on that ok so people whooo keep fighting are pussys and really need a dick up their mouths soooooo plz shut up **‡:'&₤

  15. Thebigjoke1111 says:

    You dont sitch stupid this is more like the stuff you need to know are you a bigggggg nooooob start looking

  16. Thebigjoke1111 says:

    A mac laptop is even better besides my ants boy hes 23 works at the apple company he said windows are good but MAC is incredible

  17. evan nuri says:

    pc windows is better than anything in gaming but macs are better than windows at the rest

  18. Enyo Aluka says:

    how you like it bro? just bought a mac book pro…

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