Tech Tensity: 2011 MacBook Pro vs. 2016 MacBook Pro

I know there is a lot of controversey as to which MacBook to purchase. If you purchase the new one, the “dongle” becomes a familar name in your life and if you purchase the 2011 model, your “living in the past”…Let me know which one you have or want.

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  1. KrimzonKnight01 says:

    I'll stick to my 2010 MacBook Pro. It's doing just fine.

  2. joshua green says:

    i am broke i am going with the 2011 because you can get it for$300 and you can up grade the ram. and if you want more speed replace drive with ssd drive if you don't have 3000 the 2011 is find and still do a great job

  3. chococat v says:

    i have a 2011 that gave up on me yesterday looking to buy a new one but its pricey what do you guys recommend for a college student?

  4. Travis Nicely says:

    to much rambling not enough getting to it…

  5. Tyler Lewis says:

    Whats the background song on this video?

  6. Arnar Þórsson says:

    Dude… fact check.

  7. [S]unjay says:

    2011 MacBook is laggy as hell, typing on one right now. Apple will drop support for it soon too.

    Bad advice.

  8. Nine says:

    4 ports.

  9. Morgan Rippey says:

    Good review

  10. John Smith says:

    You didn't really compare the two, you just talked about your new $4000 waste of money and said the 2011 one was heavier and had a bunch of incorrectly documented ports. How do you only know 3 ports but review tech equipment? This is extremely basic stuff. Plus you never told us which one was better, you just complained about dumb shit like having an apple not light up on the back or having to be responsible for where you put your charger so people don't trip on it. Just fucking put your charger in a normal place and people won't trip on it. It's really not that hard.

  11. Илья Андрушенко says:

    хватит двигать ноут, это оч бесит.

  12. Сергей Теликов says:

    такой петушиный звук. из 2011-го. Спасибо.

  13. Farid Isayev says:

    Я купил её 2011 году, а она все ещё отлично работает.

  14. Ssha Reznik says:

    У меня этот молодчик до этого момента служил но теперь новый взял

  15. Иван Каменскас says:

    Подсветка клавы на 6-ой минуте стала фиолетовой)

  16. Meer Selengera says:

    пользователь macbook pro никогда не выбросит коробку из под macbook pro.
    и пленку от экрана тоже.

  17. LUXX TV says:

    Ногти надо было постричь. 

  18. плвофж says:

    сразу видно его мать татарка хуева! Чурка!

  19. yugzon says:

    Руки красивые, но ногти надо подстригать.

  20. Soooonikru says:

    Я знаю, что у них клавы подсвечиваются, но на видео это подсветка вообще ужасная.

  21. Маша Сафарян says:


  22. haski kirill says:

    А играть на нем можно?!

  23. WILLY channel says:

    У меня такой же,только похоже что меня оманули в магазине, в комплектации у меня небыло диска!

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