The BEST CASE For Touch Bar MacBook Pro 13″ & 15″ ??? – Moshi iGlaze Pro Case – Review

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  1. Sham Sehar says:

    Could you please provide the link for that zip cover you were using on time 1:09 in the video.

  2. Mustafa Demir says:

    Should we remove the case every week or 2 for protection against dust scratch?

  3. Val Ciobanu says:

    are there any good brand alternatives for the 15 inch w/touchbar model? i only know that speck has one but it doesn't fit properly

  4. Jasmin M says:

    will the macbook run hot with this case on?

  5. John Ed Alvinez says:

    Looking at the review for this case in Amazon, a lot of people say they got cracks at the corners a few months of using this case? Is this true?
    I mean it's not a big deal since the case is supposed to absorb all those cracks and scratches anyway. I'm still undecided between getting this or the i-Blason one. Thanks!

  6. Brandon Ramirez says:

    I got the iBlazon one and it's the best one on the market. I don't know why there isn't more cases made for the new MacBook Pro 2016. The iBlazon has more protection on the rear and also has open slots on the bottom for conducting heat flow.

  7. Justin Green says:

    I have been looking for a case to put on my MacBook Pro (with touchbar) thats coming in soon. However I hear that the other cases that have slits on the bottom are needed to release heat that the metal is holding. Not for air ventilation, but the heat transfer. I don't mind spending 60 whatever dollars on a case, but the case has to be worth it.. So to conclude, I need to know If its worth it, because if it isn't I'm not buying it.

  8. Julie with R+F Dermatology says:

    I looked on amazon but only could find tte retina display case .. do you know if it fits the latest MBP with touchbar?

  9. Cynthia Lara says:

    I wanted to ask how has the case been holding up so far?? I just got myself a MacBook Pro last week and would love to buy a case, but don't know which one yet.

  10. Alfonso Salzano says:

    your macbook is dark grey?

  11. randomrazr says:

    i just realized theres a random clip at the end…….LOL

  12. Evan Liang says:

    out of stock everywhere…

  13. LXXIV says:

    Nice video! I got myself a case for my MacBook from iBlason.. unfortunately that case is really bulky and makes the computer much heavier.. Does the hood close by itself with the weight of the case? This one seems a lot thinner than the one I own..

  14. SentinelPrimek says:

    Can you do the keyboard cover too? I'm wondering how the touchbar part is covered.

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