The Hidden Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Discount

The Hidden Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Discount

MacBook Pro computers (and all Apple devices) seem expensive at first. But when you consider the quality and resale value, your cost is actually about 30% less.

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  1. Terence Tai says:

    Indeed valid statements in UK too. I've been selling old gadgets for many years, apple products always fetch higher value than other brands and is very easy to find buyer too. To put another perspective, I built a gaming PC for about 1200 a few years ago, and I ended well it out for less than 300 after just a few years used…

  2. wwbdwwbd says:

    The resale prices of these non-upgradable MBPs will be much lower because the soldered-on SSDs have a finite lifespan and cannot be replaced, not to mention the ram is also non-upgradable. So basically these laptops don't last nearly as long as their predecessors.

  3. Oleksii Sodolinskyi says:

    Informative and funny video. 👍🏻

  4. Kwisatsoundman says:

    Very wise thoughts, as usual! And great sense of humor too, which emphasize even more the meaning of what do you explain.My grandma used to say (in French): «Ce qui est bon marché est toujours trop cher», which basically means in Frenglish, that what doesn't cost you much usually cost you too much in the end anyway, because it rarely lasts.

  5. oystein18 says:

    It's risky now that they lost the magsafe

  6. TpojkaVEVO says:

    Oh, coupon code in description?

  7. ElectroMac74 says:

    i kind of agree with you, but i believe that if you lived in europe(France), you will have different opinion, the macbook 12" start here in france at 1450euros, and the macbook pro 13" without touchbar cost 1700euros, for a no discrete Gpu notebook is too much, the crappy macbook air screen give me no choice but not to consider it, it was ok few years ago, not now on the 4k era.
    they can set a price they want, but i believe that in 2016 why i cant a mac os x notebook with a descent screen for less 1200euros, its not much to ask

  8. Albert Kim says:

    my mid 2009 mbp still lasting for 7 years til this day. With upgrades it's like brand new… but I got so sick of using the same laptop for long time, so i gave it to my relative. Bought a new mbp refurbished this time and know that it will last for many years.

  9. Richard Dube says:

    Thank you…very good speech and handfull to me

  10. Aaron ___ says:

    tools how very subtle differences in their performance, but between certain brands there is a difference that is noticeable. so, you do see discussions about which brand is best, especially with pneumatic tools, power tools, and tools where precision matters. a pipe wrench, not so much.

  11. Aaron ___ says:

    a lot of people feel you pay ~30% more for a mac to begin with. a $3000 dollar Thinkpad is going to one hell of a computer, and still have decent resell value.

  12. vb vb says:

    i wonder what resale value of windows surface would be?

  13. vb vb says:

    true that😄

  14. Derek Choate says:

    "They're just tools!" haha love this guy

  15. whosmav628 says:

    What's good Stef shout-out to you man!

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