The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

The Original 1984 Macintosh Introduction: the magic moment, when Steve Jobs unveils the Macintosh and releases it from its bag.

We’ve found these historical lost videos in 2004 and restored and published them to the world on January 24., 2005, when the Mac became 21 years old.

Read the story of this wonderful discovery here:
Uploaded by TextLab, the original discoverers and restorers.
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  1. Woofer Cooker says:

    dam life must have sucked back then with that crappy technology

  2. Amrith Shanbhag says:


  3. Styxhexenhammer666 says:

    Apple hasn’t changed much- overpriced primitive software with lots of eye
    catching logos and social messages.

    Apple, for when you want people to know you think you’re a snob without
    having the balls to be snobby.

  4. Payam BG says:

    استیو جابز و اولین معرفی سیستم مکینتاش در سال 1984 ، خیلی جالبه که چنان
    تشویق و شوری برای این سیستم در بین جمعیت دیده می شه . نشون میده شاید
    تکنولوژی که الان داریم استفاده می کنیم برای دهه های آینده به جوک شبیه باشه.

    The Lost 1984 Video: young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh

  5. JustMegawatt says:

    How did they see the computer screen? Did they have a projector or
    something? Or did they just see the really small screen from a really far

  6. Juan B says:


    Here is the video of Steve Jobs introducing his Macintosh for the first
    Where were you in 1984?

  7. Techkid! says:

    this was only the beginning of apple

  8. Fox Mulder says:

    Mac is a religion and Mac users – sect.

  9. Vâno S 2 says:

    O começo de tudo…

  10. Brenda De Jesus says:

    Steve Jobs u were amazing!!

  11. mykylc says:

    I’ve gone through 7 windows laptops in the last 8 years. I still have my
    iMac that I purchased in 2006 and it still runs as fast as the day I
    purchased it. 

  12. Makkura says:

    How proud can you be when the crowd is going totally nuts about your new
    product. Really amazing.

  13. Rupert Atkinson says:

    Might look primitive today, but PCs didn’t have Windows until 1995. DOS was
    a pain. Can anyone remember DOS?

  14. salozmen29 says:

    I loved playing Doom 2 on that thing!

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