The New Apple Book Delivers Something Truly Extraordinary

It’s 450 pages of high-resolution images of Apple products you probably already have in your basement.

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People often ask me the difference between the G3 and G4 iBook since they look so much the same. Here I’ll show you all about it. The G3 has a tray loading optical drive (CD-ROM) where the G4 has a slot loading. The G3 has regular Airport (802.11b) where the G4 has the Airport Extreme (802.11G). Also the G4 has the faster USB ports for high speed devices. The fact that the G4 uses DDR memory instead of the older PC-100 style gives the entire unit better performance. So you can’t afford a Macbook? Well, buy one of my refurbished iBook G3 or G4 systems, they are the next best thing.
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  1. Anakin Skyobiliviator says:

    3/10, while high resolution and the tactile feedback is lifelike, the lack of locked screen resulted in my dog gaining access and urinated on the pages. I cannot get it to refresh and tech support have no clue how to fix it.

  2. petden0 says:

    Laughing track is super annoying.

  3. luckyjasonfan says:

    OMG!!! "Designed by Apple in California" THIS CANNOT BE REAL!? 😲😨😂😂

  4. B Dawg says:

    Yeah, I was one of those people who heard about the Apple book and thought it was a joke of some kind. But it's sure as shit a real thing.

  5. evan smith says:

    How many of you guys think Colbert is still funny?

  6. Fox says:

    Kkkkkkk's "Basta tocar o seu dedo no canto direito da página e puxar para a esquerda"

  7. Zoló says:

    I would call it the Apple bookBook

  8. windingpath says:

    Forget about removing headphone jack. This is real courage.

  9. Loukit Khemka says:

    Cosliest Mosquito killer in history!

  10. Sfad Hjkl says:

    I was watching and thinking about how I might actually consider buying the book if it existed because it's kind of a nostalgia piece and then I found out this thing is real! If I had more money, I'd buy it for sure. I bet in fifty years these things will resell at a much higher price.

  11. Steven Mancera says:

    You know Apple's innovation died with Steve Jobs when Colbert makes fun of it

  12. Long John says:

    That sums up Apples Marketing BS, AKA Propaganda, better than anything I've ever seen ….

    BREAKING: Apple is suing HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, and Penguin Random House Publishing companies for Patent Infringement on "the Book" design

  13. Luke Martin says:

    You really wonder about the kinds of discussions that go on in the boardrooms of Apple. It's as if they know that their consumer base are so deathly loyal, they will buy anything at any price as long as it has an Apple logo on it, so they don't need to be creative or innovative, just slap the logo on it and there you go. Sadly this shameless excuse of a product, proves that beyond all doubt.

  14. Walt Wright says:

    I love Apple parodies— and I really love it when Apple parodies itself by making a $300.00… picture book. Maybe next year we'll get the Book S with popup pictures.

  15. Srikar Reddy says:

    OMG.. I thought it was a joke…. and turns out its real. Ohh… What has thy world cometh to?

  16. Anik Faiyaz says:

    "In this book you will get high resolution pictures of our products that you can probably find on google"-some random guy in apple

  17. nords udio says:

    despret to make the trillions dollar debt .. ems 60 million avatatars din not rrake in e dow .. i say dubbel or noting on you latest mikel jordan clame

  18. Hugh Llewellyn says:

    You've… you've seen… MY BASEMENT!

    It's where all old Macs go to… well ok, they don't die. They all still run. They're all just sitting down there. Quiescent. Patiently waiting for me to come back for them. Remembering their various beige or acrylic glory days. Waiting for the gentle touch of my fingers on their extended keyboards. Waiting for the stroke of my cursor on their screens. Hoping I haven't forgotten them. Hoping the newer, shinier Macs were just a passing phase, because surely I'll come back to my beloved Performa 6115CD. How could I ever have left it for that beige G3 mini tower? But now they sit, along with my mother's Mac Classic, and all the peripherals, iPods, cables, speakers, spare internal & external drives, side by side, refusing to glance in the direction of the Gigabit eithernet G4 whose case is still gleaming, clear, acrylic over graphite; every bay, every PCI slot lovingly filled to capacity. Because I loved it best. And yet, it too awaits. In my basement. Where it will soon be joined by the elderly iMac (circa 2009). My old workhorse who never failed me. Who didn't deserve it when I put a sparkly new iMac on its former desk. In the place of honor.
    Oh… I'm a bad, bad man.
    Shall I buy this $300 Apple book to attone for the crass abandonment of all the Apple hardware I've cavalierly tossed aside for younger models?

    Uh… no.
    Seriously. What the hell Apple? NO!

  19. jelf the elf says:

    The school gave me a G4 for work three years ago. The wifi chip was broken, the right speaker was broken, and the battery wasn't there, so it had to constantly be plugged in.
    Needless to say, they thought I was misbehaving that year.

  20. Victor Marczak says:

    I have an 14 inch iBook G4 with 1.5 GB of ram, 93GB hard drive, and 1.42 Ghz with Mac OS X 10.4.11

  21. outerspacebass says:

    What is the song in this video?

  22. PowerDVD3000 says:

    I don't like the slot loading drives they make that scary noise and it makes me feel like it's gonna break or something.

  23. QuarioQuario54321 says:

    Just so you know, the 12-inch 1.33 and 14-inch 1.42 Ghz iBook G4s come with an internal AirPort Extreme card.

  24. RetroCheese _ says:

    I am gonna do an Unboxing and Review on a G4 in a couple weeks.

  25. Arc says:

    I took a gamble and bought an iBook the other day. Guy said he knew nothing about it. It turned out to work but it is unfortunately a 700Mhz G3. I still got a great deal though ($25) and have been having a ton of fun with it.

  26. Paul Potter says:

    I bought a G3 yesterday. Mine is completely white.

  27. AQGaming says:

    can the g3 run youtube?

  28. GhostScythe says:

    anyone else seeing green on the video?

  29. WaifuMIku says:

    I think this video was pretty fun but the audio quality was kinda shit but overall the video was pretty fun

  30. akarsh mj says:

    please increase the volume of your speech in your videos

  31. Willem Kiperman says:

    Your website has expired

  32. Tom Castaldi says:

    Nice! I have a 17" model myself with the backlit keyboard running 10.5.8

  33. Aaron Vey says:

    I have a PowerBook G4 with Mac OS X 10.5.8 leopard and a PowerPC processor and a slot loading disc drive on the front of it and a silver keyboard that has a backlight.

  34. Deadeye says:

    Ya man squarespace says ur website is expired what should I do?

  35. Jpk516 says:

    Your site has expired FYI. That's what squarespace says anyway..

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