The New MacBook Pro SUCKS! | The Truth About The MacBook Pro

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  1. Tomas Soejakto says:

    Still, other than the price, no one (to my knowledge) has stated the blatantly obvious about these new Macs: Apple should've gotten rid of that stupid touch bar and made the screen touch-capable instead.

  2. aZippo says:

    Anyone watching this on a MacBook Pro?

  3. muhammad tarar says:

    Then just don't buy it.

  4. muhammad tarar says:

    Everybody knows it for professional, what do u think pro means in the name.

  5. Alexander Todorov says:

    I've been having MacBook Pro 2017 for about 4 months and I can say just one thing. It sucks. First, the charger stopped working, then the space bar, now right arrow key, the touch pad is the worst. This Mac is horrible. Don't buy it!

  6. Yo Mi says:

    I'm running a gaming rig PC desktop with 16 gig of ram and a few pro mods, and it all costs me around $800. People only by Apple because they are newbie users and don't know much about what's inside the machine. And they buy Apple because it's an over hyped American product. Another example is the iphone, I have a friend who took his Galaxy Note8 back to the store because he said the battery ran down too fast and he had to charge the phone in the middle of the day. I bought my wife the same phone and changed the energy use settings, she hasn't charged her phone since yesterday morning and it's 7:51 pm on day two now. Apple replaces pure computing power with Fluff and you mac addicts fall for it and OVER PAY for it!

  7. Spencer Tracy says:

    I like it but 🤷‍♂️ the original one is best

  8. dragonhunter250utub says:

    When you select an upgrade why is that the price of the previous component is still included ?

  9. Javier Mac says:

    Apple should have taken out the USB C and Headphone Jack! There should be no connections on the MacBook at all ! ( Use wireless charging to power it and wireless data transfer. )
    That's the Grand Vision of STEVE JOBS.

  10. Martha Fockur says:

    The 2015 version is still the best MacBook Pro Apple has ever made.

  11. 1000 subscribers no video challenge says:

    U have to be more energetic like your brother

  12. TheChronic2000 says:

    who's like me and doesn't give a Fuck about the price

  13. pascal nieuwenborg says:


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