This Janky case FIXES Apple’s $2000 MacBook Pro…

The Dockcase – a stupid solution to a ,000 problem we shouldn’t have…

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  1. Karthik Prasad says:

    The problem could be with the cable they gave

  2. Vini ci says:

    Y O L O

  3. fric stix says:

    This would all be solved if they actually included the more ports that people actually use in the laptop.

  4. Messer Moreaux says:

    Since you don’t use that Mac according to the video you ought to do a giveaway for it. Mostly I just want a chance to get a computer. Doubt you’ll see this comment on an older video but love your stuff will continue to consume it

  5. :Pinecone says:

    2:26 LEGEND

  6. Lawrence Han says:

    I expected it to be something that attatched to the bottom of the mac like a iphone battery case.

  7. Mathieu Pelletier says:

    I bought a dockcase after seeing another video on youtube. The project was well conceived, but very poorly executed. The dockcase I received was of poor quality and the HDMI port didn't even work. I ordered a genuine leather edition, but received a pleather version. When I complained about it, they tried to insist it was leather. Anyway, the marketing for this kickstarter campaign was infinitely better than the final product. I wish I could have gotten one of the prototypes that actually worked!

  8. Exploding Pineapple says:

    Well, I did buy one of these and I'm glad I did. It's really nice for me and it works like a charm. Can't complain much.

  9. jjcoolaus says:

    Why advertise a Windows laptop during a mac video?
    This company should release a Dell, HP or Microsoft version

  10. Ronan B says:

    I never understood people that put up this kind of cash… for a fail product. I guess it's Mommy's & Daddy's money so they don't care.

  11. Inachu Ikimasho says:

    3:41 into video and no close up of the product…… Blame Hollywood.

  12. g00gle minus says:

    Or you could buy a laptop that actually has all the ports you need like a Lenovo ThinkPad instead of a Crapintosh.
    Yes, I hate macs and I'm not going to apologize. Deal with it.

  13. ArlandrioFF says:

    What the fuck is Thunderbolt? :v

  14. Azim Alif says:

    Get a better pc and get: its a pc, it has ports.😁

  15. 21st CENTURY TV says:

    You ugly libtard corpret whore I hope you get ginocided you white meget bang bang your ching chong bent pussy creiampie milf wife of yours yummy why don't you kill yourself you freack of nature

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