To Replace Battery of New MacBook Pro Will Cost More Money

Apple said on Friday that for the buyers of the new MacBook Pro with a retinal display, if they want to replace the laptop’s integrated battery, they need to spend $ 70 higher (54%) than the power supply of MacBook Pro which is not equipped with a retinal display.


The battery of new MacBook Pro is fixed to the chassis by using adhesives. The users cannot replace by themselves but to return to Apple by e-mail or express delivery service, or send it to the Apple retail stores. Apple’s such initiative has had a history, and users of the MacBook Air and other MacBook Pro models are also facing the problem of built-in custom battery.


As for the price of replacing the battery of new MacBook Pro, Apple provides a price of $ 199, which is 54% more expensive than the price $ 129 of replacing battery of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro which is not equipped with the retinal display. Of course, the battery capacity of new MacBook Pro is stronger, being up to 95 watts (Whr), while the 13-inch MacBook Air’s battery capacity is only 50 watts.


However, without a retinal display, the battery capacity of 15-inch MacBook Pro is also 95-watt, but the price of replacing battery is only $ 129, being same as the MacBook Air.


Apple said before the fully charging capacity of the new MacBook Pro battery is reduced to 80%, users can recharge 1000 times. If the battery of a laptop is only charged a single time every day, its battery capacity will reduce one fifth after two years and nine months. But they also expected that other MacBook Pro models and the MacBook Pro battery can also be charged for the same number before the fully charging capacity is reduced to the previous 80%.


Dismantling site iFixit’s CEO Kyle Wiens felt sorry for the practice of the MacBook Pro integrated battery. “Apple requires users to define the future of the MacBook Pro,” Wayans said, “But Apple once again provided only one choice for the market. They have two laptops, one is durable and scalable, and the other cannot be upgraded.”


iFixit this week released a report, saying the new MacBook Pro is the “most cannot be repaired laptop” that they have disassembled.

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