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Tools you need to be a Mechanic

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Which tools do you use? Snap On, Matco Tools, MAC, Cornwell Tools, Harbor Freight????

This is my journey into tools you need to becoming a mechanic.

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  1. 78motomag says:

    Simple. Tools, the basic stuff gets you in the door. Craftsman (1) Homedepot or Lowes, Husky or kobalt(2). But the big box stores don't care about returns. If you go down this road you will break EVERYTHING. Once you are in the shop, you will need the better tools. SO NOW YOU ARE HOOKED. I LOVE FIXING SHIT. THE MONEY DONT MAKE SENSE. Rolling 6 tires on the side of the road? Stupid. You are. I am. I love this. A broke truck needs my hands? Stupid I run there and bang it out.

  2. asemastertechl1 says:

    update the looser cornwell dealer a had is out of business again bunch of cornwell tools no warranty this is why I buy Sn@p on tools

  3. Jamie Rollinson says:

    I have a £40 Kamasa 1/4" set (6 point) that I have used for almost 20 years… You dont need really expensive 1/4 drive as the torque isnt ever that great. 1/2 inch just buy the best you can afford. On that subject I have Halfords Pro (UK based) 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive…They have never let me down and come with a life time warranty. and are much more affordable then snap-on or Mac.

  4. asemastertechl1 says:

    Cornwell tools are ok about the same as sears.Their dealers really suck at least the one I had.vineland n.j.sold me a lot of tools about 6k.when my buying slowed didn't see him anymore .called the district manager he was even a bigger ass.wipe then the dealer his name is Jon Foust if he comes to your shop throw his ass out you will be better off H.F. has really increased the quality of their tools better then corn hole tools

  5. CARS LOVER says:

    where are you go ??

  6. Aidan Allison says:

    hey bundy i am a 13 year old starting out my tool collection and i work on a lot of my own stuff but i want to know what kind of tool box would be good for me, i have a 3 3 drawer craftsmen tool boxs that are over flowing, i have a lot of good tools like snap on and mac and matco and some lower quality stuff as well but i cannot decide what box would be good. btw i buy all of my own tools so im not really funded by my parents

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