Top 10 Must Have MacBook Pro Accessories for 2017

Enhance your MacBook with these five amazing MacBook gadgets. Amazing accessories for every MacBook user.

\\ Top 10 Must Have MacBook Accessories for 2017 ///

1. Marble
Marble by Mofily is a portable 2-in-1 USB-C docking & charging station that can expand USB-C to HDMI, DisplayPort, 4x USB, MicroSD, and charge 4x devices simultaneously with a built-in 60w AC adapter.

2. Tardisk
TarDisk is a secure, tool-free upgrade that doubles (or even triples) the onboard storage of your Macbook by adding up to 256GB of extra space. Simply insert TarDisk into your MacBook’s SD slot and TarDisk instantly mounts into OSX as an available drive, semi-permanent and seamless.

3. Samsung SSD T3

4. Slidenjoy – Double or triple your screens
Looking to gain some extra screen real estate for your laptop, that doesn’t weigh a ton? Slidenjoy, now on Kickstarter, might be just the thing. … Then, either one or two panels slide out to the side of your laptop’s screen from there.

5. Saent
Saent helps you reclaim your work-life balance and do great work by blocking distractions, finding your optimal work rhythm, and building healthier and more productive work habits through Challenges. This is mindful productivity.

6. Keezel:Online Security for Every Device Everywhere
Keezel uses VPN technology to secure your Internet connection and thus greatly improves your online privacy & security. With Keezel, your data and all other confidential & sensitive information is protected from hackers, online snoopers, your ISP, network admins, and/or government surveillance.

7. Everykey – No more Keys. No more Passwords.
Everykey is an innovative universal access device for everything that requires a physical key or password. The Everykey wristband is an attractive Bluetooth enabled band that allows immediate access to a user’s password-protected electronics such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as physically locked items including doors, car doors, bike locks, and other controlled access devices.

8. iTouch ID World’s Smallest USB Fingerprint Scanner
iTouch ID is an ultra compact USB fingerprint scanner that measures only 0.72 x 0.42 x 0.24 inches once it’s plugged into a USB port. The iTouch ID lets you Log on With a simple touch and you’ll be able to access your accounts, not bothering with complicated passwords or being in fear that someone might be looking over your shoulder.

9. Brik Lego Case
Brik Case is the World’s most customizable laptop case. Build, collaborate and express yourself! This case is not officially licensed by LEGO™, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™. It just happens to be compatible with all of them. The Brik Case will be compatible with MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs manufactured in 2013 and later.

10. A-STAND: A Transformable Workstation for Devices
A/STAND is specifically designed to create a unique, personalized environment, allowing you to interact with your devices effectively & optimally. It’s perfect for working while traveling, commuting, & working remotely.

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  1. Salsabila Muti'ah says:

    I wanna all of that accesories

  2. tomoo tomoo says:

    no ports more money its a con i will be sticking with my 2015 air apply is a joke

    CRAP design got to take the mac and that stupid square box about, what about when im laying on the sofa like i do and it gets messy with the blankets from your bed as you do LOL, then you start streaming from your tablet i put my tab on the mac and charge the tab with the mac now iv got to plug the tab in to that stupid box then in to the mac another thing to worry about when moving and messing around on the sofa

    apply are getting bad at this same as with the iphone with that stupid wire you had to pug in for a jack lead REALLY

  3. khalifa almarri says:

    i wish that i can have my own macbook pro 🙁

  4. Sergio St. says:

    Wow! So many things I don't need…

  5. Tamur Reinsalu says:

    Keezel is just a vpn…a paid vpn…

  6. DJ Supe says:

    He left his iPad at the first coffee shop

  7. Meme Meistro Ethan says:

    Even hackers from NORTH KOREA !???!????

  8. Joseph DeVincentis says:

    Look at all the dongles / messes even with Marble, including the 60 watt power supply / cord. MBP is a joke

  9. Greg Greg says:

    Even from hackers from North Korea.

  10. Hunter Schmidt says:

    OMG It Works The Dislike Button Works!!!!!

  11. sicilianotoronto says:

    You don’t need to worry about losing all your ports with MacBook Air

  12. Sylvain Paquette says:

    The best accessories for the macbook is another laptop to replace it.

  13. kirby march Barcena says:

    What the…?These are just Ads!

  14. drkinferno72 says:

    Or go pc and not need extra

  15. ROY FERNTORP says:

    Just get fucked. My HP laptop already has all this shit.

  16. Lucian Tudora says:

    what was the camera being used in the first part of this video?

  17. iiProzGaming says:

    These accessories look and Sound shit, as a Mac user I wouldn’t use any of these accessories

  18. Joel Almemdarez says:

    David Di Franco
    Detroit Borg

  19. WixaTV says:

    O M G, what kind of shit are those products xD VPN is available since always and there are plenty of effortless GUI for it so why carry additional piece of useless garbage if you can do it probably easier without it ? iTouch ID folks didn't work hard enough to figure out their own product name(you know what I mean). Same goes for this productivity enhancement button that just runs app on your device, correct me if I'm wrong but you could probably save some space by using free productivity app(plenty of them on the market) and mapping your keyboard button to run it. And also gain more productivity by not wasting time on checking and comparing scores and doing actual work ? One of the most useless videos about accessories I've ever watched. Also MacBook Pros from 2017 have most of those features.

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