Top 5 mac games [ Until 2014 ]

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  1. Norplaser™ says:

    Honestly, I enjoy Minecraft but I would not make it #1, because there are
    too many little kids now days on Minecraft.

  2. Frecher Affe says:

    wo kann ich left 4 dead 2 downloaden

  3. bpr says:

    Dislike. Minecraft is not the best mac game xD Who ever says that is either
    under 10years or just a gaming NOOB! Minecraft is just so fucking

  4. Amber Chloe says:

    in all of it minecraft is the best!

  5. MegaZrapper says:

    Is this good enough to play anything on? 2014 macbook pro 15′ 2,5 GHz quad
    Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3,7 GHz
    • 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM
    • 256 GB PCIe flash
    • Intel Iris Pro Graphics

  6. Chimchar0831 says:

    Kingdom rush is a flash game that is also in mobile devices

  7. Stefano Morasci Gamer says:

    All This Games SUCKS REALLY HARD

    (Exept Minecraft,Thats GOOD)

  8. Hawk the gamer says:

    Minecraft is not even close to the bet game on that list

  9. The Red Sniper says:

    Such a bad list.

  10. Crafty_Minecraft says:

    The only games I agree with are kingdom rush and MINECRAFT!!! It’s the best
    game ;D

  11. NitroKilleur says:

    sc2 is the best game ever

  12. Elite4Member says:


  13. Nikeragua says:

    Going all pan!
    ( pun if you didn’t realize)

  14. Josh says:

    were did you get left 4 dead 2?

  15. Junior Mark says:

    shud have seen this coming…..

  16. Enchantedman99 says:


  17. Alvaro alamillo vargas says:

    wheres league of legends in the chart??

  18. JuicyPepperGaming says:


  19. MrAreucereal says:

    I like Minecraft, but after a while it gets boring :/

  20. Israel Cortes says:

    left for dead free on mac its because i have a mac

  21. Nick Reyes says:

    sorry, up until minecraft the list was good.

  22. Lane Staley says:

    Everyone is saying minecraft doesn’t deserve that number 1 spot…. I’m
    guessing they have never experienced the modded side of it…

  23. MilitaryCompilations says:

    I just came here to laugh at you Mac users… HAHA Windows FTW

  24. Omeed Zolali says:

    What about Skyrim Elder Scrolls V that game shouldn’t be laggy, and it is
    always good to add a little magic.

  25. MilitaryCompilations says:

    Hey all, remember me? The ass hole who was being a jerk to mac users? I was
    joking about that. I also own a mac, and a cyberpowerPC however I use my
    mac more so I can play with my friends who are also Mac users. I wanna
    return the favor because I was being a jerk and just wanna say this… I
    took my time to find really fun mac games for you guys! Here is a list!
    (P.S. I am sorry if it’s repeated from this video)

    Dota 2

    War Thunder

    Lord of the Rings: Online

    Star Trek Online

    Spiral Knights

    Dungeons and Dragons: Online

    Tactical intervention

    Those games that I listed… OMG I love those games so much! They are ALL
    mac games! If you have Steam, then go log into steam and go play those
    games, I have played more than at least 123 hours on each of them they are
    that fun. Oh and let’s not forget the best FREE ZOMBIE GAME… It’s called
    No More Room in Hell


  26. germanWatchTV says:

    Mac is bullshit

  27. julian mancipe says:

    wut is # 6 called i cant get the name tyrian or something idk help if u do
    ill sub

  28. MilitaryCompilations says:

    Hey everyone. I came up with an update about the Mac games. And btw, don’t
    forget to leave a like and sub to this channel. 🙂 great video man! And
    1st, a while back I insulted you Mac users about how you can’t run games,
    don’t worry, I have an amazing gaming pc AND a Mac. All my friends are Mac
    users and I feel bad for them, so I make them feel better by using my Mac
    to play with them so they aren’t left out in the fun. Anyways, here is a
    list of MORE Mac games that are my personal favorite in order… Along with
    5 Mac games that cost money that you MUST get. And one more thing, I will
    list a couple of BONUS games that will be coming out soon that are FREE. 😉
    and a few mods that you don’t see in the store that are free 🙂

    1) Team Fortress 2
    2) Fistful of Frags
    3) No More Room in Hell
    4) Dota 2
    5) Unturned
    6) War Thunder
    7) The Lord of the Rings Online
    8) Age of Chivalry
    9) Zombie Panic Source
    10) Tactical Intervention

    Now, keep in mind that those top 7 of my choices, are AMAZING. Try them
    out! Now, here is a list of the top Mac games that cost money that you
    should get. Keep in mind that once you get these games you will not see
    your friends again for they are amazing! Here is MY top 5 paid Mac games…

    1) Day of Defeat: Source
    2) Garry’s Mod
    3) Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    4) Killing Floor
    5) Overlord

    1) Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies
    2) WAKFU

    That is right my dear friend, the title says it all. ‘Counter-Strike Nexon:
    Zombies!!!!! Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies will be coming out in September
    23, 2014!!! We will not wait long! I am so pumped for it! Counter-Strike
    Nexon: Zombies is a PvP and PvE! I’m not really sure which Counter-Strike
    is comes from, but if I am not mistaken, it is from Counter-Strike:
    Condition Zero. We will be able to play an old, but FUN, classic FPS
    shooter that will bring back memories!

    Now, here are FREE mods in which you DON’T see at the Steam Free to Play
    Store section… (Keep in mind this section of Mods has no order in favor,
    this part is just a list if them)

    1) MINERVA
    2) Empires Mod
    3) Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat
    4) Dystopia
    5) Eternal Silence
    6) No More Room in Hell
    7) The Hidden (You will have to go to their website to play it)
    8) Half-Life: Before

    I am very sorry if you found this comment boring, I just wanted to return
    the favor for being a jerk a while back. Wanted to make you guys happy and
    have some joy. Now, let me tell you the benefits of being a Mac user… Me,
    being a high end gaming pc player, it’s great. However, having a Mac to
    play, is even better. Here is why… Yes you don’t have as much as options
    as to play big games like ArmA like PC players, however, us Mac users
    aren’t spoiled. We don’t waist thousands of dollars, just to build or buy a
    pc just because ‘we’ ask mommy or daddy to buy us one. We Mac users are
    happy with what we got, and if any PC player makes fun of you for being
    able to afford a high end PC, DONT say anything back. The guy only looks
    like an idiot and looks like a spoiled brat who needs to get a life. Just
    because you guys have Macs, doesn’t mean you can’t afford anything. I go to
    a private school, my father has to pay 15 thousand dollars every month, and
    one of my friends owns a Mac and he goes to the same school, and believe
    me, he can literally buy 5 amazing high end pc’s, but he doesn’t, why?
    Because he’s happy with what he has. You guys should too. Don’t be
    discouraged about what you have, be happy with what you do with your life.
    Unlike those spoiled, selfish ass hole pc players who are ass holes for no
    reason. Be the better person, don’t step down to their level of stupidity.

    As I said, I am SO SORRY for this long ass message. I just wanted to let
    you guys know. And PLEASE, sub to this guy and leave a like for this video
    and don’t forget to check out his other videos. My friend, you got a sub
    and a like from me 🙂

    And I have one more thing to say (very sorry guys) I received a message
    from a few guys here on this video saying they wanted to play with my. Here
    is my response: I’d love to! 🙂 here is my Steam Profile name: Federal CSN:Z

    My profile picture is a picture of a Hog Rider riding a Hog holding a
    hammer. If you play Clash of Clans you will see it right away 😀

    One LAST thing. Sorry :'(
    I mostly play TF2, DoD:S, CS:GO and others. And I’m also thinking about
    making a video about the Mac games I listed so more people are informed.
    What do you guys think? Have a great day everyone and do not forget to sub
    to this guy and leave a like. 🙂 

  29. Jason Gamer says:

    +TheBarrelRollStudios So funny!

  30. Anatoliy Polovin says:

    what the fuck did i just watched im fucking embarrassed to own a mac 

  31. MilitaryCompilations says:

    @The Gold Craft

    I’d love to :)

  32. Michelle Smirnova says:

    BARREL STUDIOS? :O BROARMY! THEY AGAINST US!! 🙂 no just kidding great

  33. Jomei Bernier says:

    5:19 sure I thought the story was amazing when the story was predictable
    because it was very similar to the first one.

  34. Glitter_girl says:

    You forgot Garry’s mod 

  35. Jasper Cerone says:

    Gmod? TF FREAKING 2!!!!!

  36. Andrey Ivanov says:

    have you got any good game accsept ks 

  37. BossGamer900 says:

    I WANT KILLING FLOOR!!! IT LOOKS EPIC!!And also left for dead its LOOKS

  38. Hu-Nte-r CrOsSfire says:

    u suck u forgot about team fortress 2

  39. The Gamester Brad says:

    wtf is l4d2 free and cs go free???? wtf

  40. Luke Simmons says:

    You’re not funny. It would’ve been good if you wouldn’t of talk in the

  41. panda Craft says:

    and cod

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