Updated Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch

Full review: http://cnet.co/2s4BJiN
You get newer CPUs and faster graphics, but the new lower starting price on the base 13-inch model is the biggest upgrade of all.

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  1. Xi Le says:

    The problem of competition between Apple & Samsung or PC computer companies are making their products thinner and thinner and increasing more power to their thinner smaller batteries can cause fire at any moment. Apple can't make a long last smaller thinner battery for 4k screen for 4k MacBook Pro because Apple want to make it very thin & removing more ports out for making smaller size laptop. 4k screen computer consumes a lot of power. 😎 😎

  2. Theo says:

    It looks chubby

  3. young 95 says:

    2400 for a 15 inch? Wtf

  4. Anonymity says:

    Eh, no thanks! I have a late 2011 Macbook Pro that I have zero intentions of getting rid of. I'll jump to a 2015 model, before I would 2017.

  5. SilverSkyler says:

    Apple is the Trump of computers, inflated and underwhelming.

  6. reviewsitedollars says:

    This is the best iPad they ever made

  7. Andrea Arrechea says:

    People are trying so hard to hustle the "price cut" I laughed when I found out that the memory was cut in half in that cheaper option…I am curious to try the MacBook Pro 15"…I have an older generation Surface Pro 4 and I love it, but I need something with a bit more juice….if anyone can give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it!

  8. Aug24th says:

    I use apple for over 12 years now. And I was never been so sure about jumping to windows again. I always thought that apple will bring THE BEST MacBook. And I waited and waited and waited. And they totally went to oposite direction of where they shoudl and could have been. Thank you apple, for making this Split up so easy. 😀

  9. Ezekiel Toh says:

    He talks about a faster mac while surfing the web..

  10. kamaboko1 says:

    A few predictions for future MBP's. First, the track pad will extend the width and length of the palm rest area. The goal: a track pad with a surface area as big as an apple pie. Second, no more ports including for power. The MBP will be charged on an iPower pad (much like cell phones have today). The iPower pad will not be included with the MBP so will be an additional cost. A bluetooth port station (the iPort) will take care of external connectivity. It will conveniently plug into any wall outlet, or run on 10 D size batteries. All of these new features are intended to give the user a better productivity experience. Oh, and Apple will also feature the iPack, a 20 gallon backpack to carry the MBP and all of its accessories.

  11. Favs says:

    someone please stop Tim Cook from destroying Apple

  12. kazakh mustang says:

    apple is just fuckin with people

  13. Leonardo Morales says:

    Why the hell people love these things? They are extremely expensive for what you get.

  14. vsboy 25 says:

    why does the CIA get the fastest laptops on earth and others get slow things like this

  15. Savii Entertainment says:

    Probably be getting this sometime this summer. I'm excited. I'm still using my MacBook mid 2013. Had a SSD drive. But it's still showing it's age. It will suck losing card readers and the cd drive. But I think I can deal with it lol

  16. LinkWave says:

    So I guess my ports are never coming back 😢

  17. earlbee31 says:

     Nice but none upgradable and a bit pricey 

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