Upgrade Your Macbook Pro (SSD Upgrade, RAM Upgrade, Optical Drive Bay Adapter)

Upgrade Your Macbook Pro (SSD Upgrade, RAM Upgrade, Optical Drive Bay Adapter)

Samsung 830 Series SSD – http://amzn.to/TvgQmT
Corsair 16GB DDR3 RAM – http://amzn.to/12Mo7Ua
Optical Drive Bay Adapter – http://amzn.to/U78XE7

This video was shot during a recent Macbook Pro Upgrade. The video displays a 13-inch non-retina Macbook Pro but the process will be very similar for the 15-inch non-retina Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro in this video is the latest, 2012 model but the process should be the same for older, unibody, non-retina Macbook Pros. The 2010 Macbook Pro & 2011 Macbook Pro share the same body type.

I’m still a big fan of the non-retina Macbook Pro models because they offer user upgrades unlike the retina Macbook Pro. In this video you’ll see an SSD upgrade, RAM upgrade & optical drive bay adapter installation.

For full pictures & upgrade instructions for the Macbook Pro visit this page & use it in conjunction with my video – http://bit.ly/TnWFZe

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  1. Nicolas Lisowski says:

    I have a mid 2012 mac book pro 13 inch and I was wondering if it can support 16 gb of ram? I was going to upgrade it from 4gb to 8 gb originally. If you look at about this mac it says it can support only 8 gb, but apparently it can support more? I would appreciate any help!

  2. SuperFlashDriver says:

    Now would SSD Give you more memory storage space or is it the same as a Hard Drive?

  3. Petra Imschoot says:

    I don' t understand. There must be like 150 video's on how to change the HD. But none of them seem to mention or even spend any time on how to get your data from the old drive to set it on the new one… it's essential to the upgrade…

  4. Sai Krishna says:

    please do any latest video of upgrade

  5. Captain Howdy says:

    You can upgrade it all you want but the graphic card is one of the most important things that you get the best one you can because that is not upgradable . And always get the biggest processor and graphics card available , The other stuff you can upgrade yourself later .

  6. Theemikebell says:

    Going to upgrade to OWC, thanks for the video.

  7. saamejia says:

    Awesome tutorial . I need some help I have the same MacBook pro 2012 with 500gb HHD and dvd drive, I have 240 SSD and the second HDD or SSD caddy and 2 modules of 4gb ram all ready BUT I like keep the original HDD but someone tell me that for better performance I need to put the SSD where the HDD is now because the connection is faster and move the HDD to the new Caddy because that DVD drive connection is slow any suggestions please are welcome you are the expert thank you

  8. Nate Springer says:

    Why won’t this work on a retina??? Also will this work on a early 2015 retina i5 2.7 GHz?

  9. Dimas Naufal Pratama says:

    WHO'S WATCH THIS ON 2017??

  10. Rōnin Mafia says:

    I purchased a mid 2012 Macbook Pro(refurbished from SEARS). So I'm not the original owner. Upgraded to a Samsung Pro 500gb SSD + 16gb of Crucial RAM. The batter seems to be draining quickly. How is the battery life doing on this laptop after your upgrade?? Are there higher performance/quality batteries you can buy for the Macbook Pro???

  11. Abdullah Siddiqui says:

    Would this work on the 2016 MacBook Pro?

  12. naihtims64 says:

    I just did this swap, and I have to say, the instructions were quite thorough. I have never really done any sort of thing similar to this except for the RAM swap on a PC laptop that I own. Success.

  13. CDMusicGroup says:

    Bad question but is a 500gb ssd faster than a 250gb one?

  14. CDMusicGroup says:

    Will I lose out on performance from the ssd by also keeping the original hard drive in the mbp or will it be the same speed if I just removed the original one and put in the new ssd?

  15. Wombats says:

    I want to make my old MBP lighter….
    so I want to remove the hdd and also the optical drive and insert 1 ssd and insert 16gb ram, how can I do this?
    For portability 🙂

  16. SteviX EDM says:

    13' mid 2012 i5 all standard or 15' late 2011 antiglare i7 with ssd and discrete graphics card.Both are second hand and the 13' seem so to be in a bit better condition.Also i read somewhere that the 2011 MacBooks have GPU problems and failures idk if its true.What do you suggest?
    I cant even decide what is the better size mac..

  17. N/A N/A says:

    hat to hat comparison LOLLLL

  18. PowerPC says:

    You failed to mention the difference in Intel Graphics. Intel Graphics 4000 is much improved (2012 MacBook) over Intel Graphics 3000 (2011 MacBook).

  19. Benny46drift says:

    I was looking at buying a second hand 2012 but they price is much higher so now I can search for a 2011 instead which i have seen go for a lot less money. Thank you Sir.

  20. awmonica says:

    My best friend and i both have MacBooks, i just purchased the 2011 refurbished model, for $700 in australian money, and he go the 2012 model brand new for $1,1000. Honestly, there is no difference, you just need to find a good refurbishing store if the apple one is too expensive for you. 🙂

  21. proelement says:

    i cant seems to find the 2011 model on apples website for 750 like you said if you find it please send me the link thanks

  22. bloodynifezx says:

    I have a i7 4gb 2.0ghz 550gb

  23. Nick Campbell says:

    I have the 2011 model, I also upgraded the RAM to 8GB. It's a nice laptop, it wont't disappoint.

    Another difference is the graphics (went from Intel HD 3000 to 4000 between 2011 and 2012) which is probably the reason why the GeekBench is higher on the 2012 (the higher clock rate, newer motherboard might also be why)

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