Which Apple Mac Computer Should You Buy? 2015 Edition

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Apple’s Mac lineup has a long history of being the quietest computers in the biz. Have you ever wondered exactly how they stay so quiet? It’s simple! The fan speed is runs super low. That’s why MacBook can get so hot in your lap! But is heat harming the performance of your Mac? Spoiler alert: it is. Thermal throttling is very, very real.

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  1. Electronic Center best central says:

    I prefer mac book air

  2. Windninja 2254 says:

    I got the one fore 1200

  3. Riley Emel says:

    I have decided on the macbook! I dont care that there are no ports, its 2017 USE THE CLOUD. i love extreme portability, and its faster than an ipad air, so thats FINE.

  4. Daragh Murray says:

    I like iMac ๐Ÿ–ฅ

  5. ramo717 says:

    MacBook Pro 4 lyfe

  6. DJ JM says:

    i bought a MacBook pro retina 13 with 8gb RAM and 128gb SSD

  7. Appl says:

    In a iMac 21.5 inch is 1.6 ghz too low?

  8. Erie Walker says:

    the big one

  9. Dwarrior says:

    I am thinking of switching from PC and it was going to possible be to a Mac mini due to price. I might upgrade it at the time of purchase, because I have no real plans for upgrading it in the future so if that is the only draw back then it might still be ideal for me. I have more then enough monitors keyboards and mouses which I like.

  10. Tara Chamberlain says:

    This was a really good video, thanks!

  11. Swami says:

    can I get your email? I have one Q. I'm about to enroll in computer science field! I don't have any experience on programming. gonna start from CS50 (Harvard on edx) before college.

    which is better? Mac (El Capitan) or Windows 10?

    I'm not gamer. sometime play games for short time. primary aim is programming.

    I'm thinking to go for Python then Ruby then JavaScript!

    which is best for me? Mac or PC? if Mac, then which one (cause Pro 15 is way more expensive).

    Thank You!

  12. Adolf Hitler says:

    not less storage infact the MacBook 2015 and MacBook air both max out at 512gb of PCIE flash storage and the MacBook air starts at 128gb of flash storage and the MacBook 2015 starts at 256gb of flash storage

  13. Alorge says:

    Which apple computer should you buy? None. Build your own PC or Hackintosh. Not worth the money at all to buy a prebuilt computer no matter what company made them.

  14. fishedout pro says:

    i have a macbook air but i want a macbook pro

  15. Alexander Zhou says:

    I don't like macbook either. Macbook air is quite underpowered also

  16. Si1983h says:

    Actually there is a good reason for the mid 2012 MacBook Pro, assuming you're not bothered about the Retina display, you can upgrade the ram and hard drive at minimal cost. The processors are still pretty good and can still beat the latest air models and comprehensively muller the new MacBook. I have a mid 2012 MacBook Pro with an i7 processor, 16gb of ram and a 1tb SSD , it flys. I'm not in any rush to change it.

  17. Dylan Mayhew says:

    I did not know the 27inch Imac could be upgraded I assumed all the macs accept the mac pro where now stuck the way you bought them that's what I gathered… but I'd never want an Imac cause I love using my KVM switch for my pc and mac and Linux computer all to share the same monitor mouse and keyboard.
    For that reason only option in my eyes is the Mac Pro once I can afford the bloody thing on the used market… that's how I got my current 8 core mac pro, and that's how I got my power mac G5 before it, (and power mac g4…. and G3…)
    Only mac I ever owned from new was a Mac Mini I got to replace my Power Mac G5 as a step in till I could afford a Mac pro. still got it was one of the Core 2 duo models from 2007, got it now hooked to my tv..

  18. Snazzy Labs says:

    Spoiler Alert: Yes.

  19. TDCatTech says:

    Just tradeoffs I guess. You have a nice looking, slim bit of tech that stays quiet but it just canโ€™t do the crunching of other devices.

    Oddly I have an urge to put a laptop in a freezer now.

  20. Kool Person says:

    Lol that powermac g5

  21. Shubhang Hasabnis says:

    dude the one with the toucher has multiple fans while the one without the toucher only has one fan

  22. A ok says:

    Im really scared to edit videos on my mac now. Should i still do it?

  23. harald deniz colak says:

    Sooooooo much money and baaaaad cooling….apple is a shame

  24. Sheepdog Columbus says:

    This makes me very, Very SAD.

  25. Jayme Capurso says:

    Yet one more reason shaving of a few extra mills every body update is a bad idea Apple…

  26. jazzbuckeye says:

    It's actually NOT okay for them to have their computers that hot. My 2011 MBP had a recall due to the GPU failing, basically because the computer's constant temperature fluctuations caused solder on the GPU chip to crack.

  27. Hugo Frederiks says:

    But how does that work with hackintoshes?

  28. No Name says:

    I am exactly the same. I cannot stand fan noise. I actually prefer a slight reduction in power (aka throttling) for a quieter PC. I actually look at quiet PCs as higher quality and invests in R&D/engineering to build a superior PC over the cheap PC competition. My own custom PC build I spent a month finding and researching the quietest build I could ever do and I made it happen. Only 8dB with a fan I had to put in to avoid hot air getting trapped inside the chassis. I didn't even want the 8dB fan and you can't even hear it anyway….but that is how much I wanted the quietest PC possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. mase christian says:

    dude U just proved with actual facts why I always criticize about companies like apple, they contain the technology of their products, they downgrade them. we could have amazing, unique and bullet proof products, but they just wanna ensure their winnigs every year. Same story with accesories, I mean they take away useful things then sell an adapter so we can have it again. WTF!!! just for what? to make the product more aesthetic ? more pretty? so we wanna buy it, and then sell even more. I dont hate apple, I do like aesthetic designs, I do think apple It's a great company. It's just that nowadays it's more important screens than battery or the user experience. And Samsung with the edge display? The note 8 has less battery than the s8+!!! Come on !!

  30. SoloC852 says:

    The moral of the story is to buy a macbook pro render a video and put it into a freezer or fridge.

  31. Maylon Rojer says:

    Just my 2 cents. I have seen this on my 2011 macbook pro 15" with dedicated graphics card. As others mention, find and use a fan control. I use Macs Fan Control. You can use it with the sensors to set when the fans kick in. A good way to avoid thermal throttling from kicking in early, or to avoid the mac waiting till the last minute to bump up the fans (at that point it goes max and sounds like a plane taking off), you can set it to kick in earlier.

    For example. When set to auto my mac idles at 60C (running the fans at base 2000 rpm). However, I have the software custom set to have the fans kick in from 40C. As such it tends to run the fans around 3600 rpm, and thus stays "cool" at around 45C or so.

    Now… this also means that you battery drains faster, and your fans might wear out sooner than you might want, but at least my back runs cooler and is more comfortable on the lap. Of course if you put it under heavy load there is no avoiding the eventual throttling (though it throttles later) and worst still, from sounding like a plane taking off.

    I love the macOS, but hate this cooling issue (I do a lot of load intensive tasks), which is why I finanlly built my own PC and hackintoshed it. Now I have a "mac" running at 30C idle, and never goes beyond 55C under load.

  32. Derek Zhu says:

    So what's the solution? A tool kit won't resolve such issue

  33. Michael Musgrove says:

    I use iStat Menus on my MBP and it allows you to set fan rules and cut the fan on high manually, which I had never done until watching this video. My MBP has been running really hot lately. I just set it to High, and it cooled the CPU off from over 180 degrees farenheit to under 113, and counting. There may be a way to perform fan management without the app, but it probably isn't easier. The bottom of my laptop isn't molten lead anymore already either.

  34. Michael Nguyen says:

    ๏ฃฟ wants you to keep this quiet.

  35. Ryan McNeil says:

    Well the touchbar Pro's do use a different cooling system, with an extra fan and more ventilation on the sides near the bottom. But your point still stands.

  36. Mido Pataki says:

    Yes it sucks, whenever I'm playing wow in my mac I always place it on top of 2 custom ice trays so it stays cool while I play, the ice trays never leak so is safe.

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