Which Mac Laptop? MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

We help you decide which Apple laptop is best for you, especially now that the entry-level Retina MacBook Pro costs only £150 more than the 13-inch MacBook Air.

We examine portability, power, price, battery life, build to order options, screen and resolution, graphics and games, so you can make an informed decision.

Watch my video where I compare the 13-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro

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  1. MiniFigureKIDD says:

    I love her voice it’s so modern.

  2. Ardini Sofri says:

    mwaahahahaha, fuck spending all my money to buy a macbook. i’ll stay using
    my ASUS, works good.

  3. Jens Uhlmann says:

    her voice is so cute ^^

  4. UGM Owen says:

    If anyone has any suggestions, I’m simply looking for the cheapest Mac that
    would be able to run Logic Pro as I’m starting to make music, I can’t seem
    to find any information anywhere.


  5. Piotr P says:

    Which one for Java programming?

  6. Mitch Stirling says:

    Does anyone know what game it is at 4:40?

  7. jayden malhi says:

    I want something light that I can carry around and has a good quality
    screen for gaming??

  8. Terrence Huang says:

    I do have a question:
    Which is faster?

    13 inch macbook air 2014
    1.7ghz I7
    8gb ram


    13 inch macbook pro 2014
    2.6ghz I5
    8gb ram

  9. topografer says:

    Since nothing can be upgraded in those macbooks i would go for a
    8gb/256flash configuration. Ram is essential and a 250gb flash is just
    nice. You can also hook an external drive via usb3 for the stuff you want
    to have stored but dont use that much (movies general data etc). The
    macbook pro 13 with 8gb RAM and 256ssd is an amazingly fast computer that
    will last you 5 years at least. And it also has great battery life and an
    actually decent integrated gpu. Its the best machine out there for me if
    you dont care for windows.

  10. Walid Mirza says:

    How much of a problem is it for the PRO Retina to not have an Optical Drive

    Or should i go for the Older PRO or sth like the Lenovo Yoga pro 3.

    My laptop will be for the basic use ( no gaming or graphics work ) just
    university work and basic entertainment
    …… i use every other apple products but the software on mac is sth i
    hear perople find sort of complicated, so never considered one YET

    whats your suggestion?

  11. Allen Logan says:

    I came here to get information on both mac laptops and that voice was so
    nice that my mind deviated from the laptops and concentrated on her
    voice…man I gotta watch this video again and this time im gonna look at
    the laptops !

  12. Big Juicer says:

    1:27 Does anybody know what that game is?

  13. _Ootjee says:

    The mcbook air 13″ is 12 hours battery not 9

  14. Joel Fitzgerald. says:

    Macbook PRO its in the name folks 

  15. yourcreater1 says:

    I am a high school student and trying to make games and films which should
    I pick

  16. Jorge Azevedo says:

    I don´t understand 20% of what she says…

  17. habiba magdi says:

    Which one should I get please tell me!!

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