Why Does the MacBook Air Exist in 2017?

Apple just released a MacBook Air 2017 – but why?
MacBook Air on Amazon: http://austin.tech/macbookair
Can You Game on a Mac? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEWxmhNn-jo
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  1. Vaibhav maloo says:

    Nice video

  2. Aspect says:

    So basically it's just more expensive?

  3. DerpTeam Jack,Zeke, and Joseph says:

    I use an MacBook Air in school and my school pay for it the airs are in a cart

  4. mike hunt says:

    I love my air you don't have to deal with the glitchy laggy frustration of windows and it still does everything a normal laptop does

  5. DamonGamingTv says:

    I have a MacBook Air

  6. Blind Me says:

    I got the MacBook air because of the voice over in it I’m a blind student in college and it is cheaper than the MacBook Pro and I don’t need the screen that much because I cannot see it

  7. Power Bound says:

    because it's a apple product and some people don't even consider what they need they just get whatever they think will look cooler… I for instance am learning programming in uni and need something with fair enough stats to be able to work on all kinds of stuff from simple code to a 40gb code with 20gb more of graphics that I need to be able to run at full speeds for testing and debugging so something with a decent quad core processor minimum of 4gb ram and a good graphics card as well as a fair battery so I could use it in class without the need for a power outlet so I got a low end gaming laptop, while if all you need to do is browse the Web and watch videos you could make do with a 100$ laptop or a used tablet from a pawn shop

  8. Yana Sarkar says:

    needs a retina screen

  9. Rosario Varas says:

    Because it's A LOT cheaper than any other MacBook, and for us who dont need a big powerful computer it works perfect.

  10. Йордан Василев says:

    bullshit company

  11. Mr.PartyKing XD says:

    Please can people stop making fun of apple the only reason it's expensive because it's apple so frock off

  12. Alexander Johansen says:

    I enjoy my MacBook Air 13" (2015) a lot! But it´s getting on my nerves that it barely handles Premiere Pro editing.

  13. PapíDimmi says:

    I wish the LG Gram were sold in my country.

  14. PapíDimmi says:

    The display isn’t even 1080. Who buys this piece of shit?

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