Why Microsoft Windows is Better than Mac OS X

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Windows, Microsoft’s operating system, is so much better than Apple’s OS X. Duh! Didn’t you already know that? It’s clear that the people who love the other operating system are deluded mucky mucks. Windows is better than OS X.

You can read the article about why OS X is better than Windows here:

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  1. HammerBroMC says:

    There really isn’t a WINDOWS COMPUTER.its not the operating system getting
    rid of the viruses, it’s the computer. You can really only use Mac on MACS.
    And ever heard of windows 8.1? Yeah, windows 7 interface..

    So stop hating on windows, end this war… Just make it a tie

  2. Ben Ward says:

    When I was on Windows I found myself always clearing my PC out, worrying
    about viruses ect… countless problems and always seeing ‘not responded’.
    Now I’ve had a Mac for 3 years and I find everything easier, never had a
    problem in 3 years. I have friends and relatives constantly asking why
    there Windows computers are so slow and sluggish and my simply answer is
    always just buy a Mac.

    This won’t matter to most people but I find Macs all generally just look
    better on a desk and don’t take up as much space.

    Once you go Mac you don’t go back.

  3. taze clan says:

    Ends here most people on YouTube like windows over apple is because windows
    is good for gaming with lower prices while mac isn’t, so windows is
    targeted for younger generations because it’s performance is better but for
    casual use mac wins. I own a hp envy m6 and a MacBook pro they were the
    same price and the windows is faster. Now stfu about this war between them.

  4. stopmotiondude221 says:

    Windows lets you free to do whatever you want, but you must choose wisely
    what you do with that freedom (otherwise you’ll get viruses, malware, and
    system errors). Mac holds you back and doesn’t allow you to do as much, but
    does this so you don’t end up with viruses and errors.

  5. TheDiamond96Miner says:

    Mac kinda rhymes with crap

  6. Gymnastics Princess says:

    It all comes down to this. Poor people go for Windows because they can’t
    afford a Mac. If someone offered you a Macbook Pro Retina or a Windows, you
    know good and well you would choose a Mac. I have used a Windows for the
    past 15 years, and the experience has been pure hell. Viruses, crashes,
    being sluggish and more. I have been with Mac for 5 years and I have never
    had one problem, not even one. It’s beautiful, built better and is as fast
    as a track star. Windows users need to just admit that windows sucks balls,
    and MAC is KING.This is not an opinion, it is a solid fact. Nuff said!

  7. Lt Tna says:

    Bullshit. Mac is definitely better than Windows and I don’t use Mac. Two
    reasons why I don’t use Mac: One, it’s too expensive, and Two, the design
    of the OS doesn’t interest me. I’d honestly use any OS other than the
    “almighty” Microsoft Windows.

  8. ahmet topcuoglu says:

    I’m twelve and im a programer. I use Python, PHP, Java, Javascript, and
    JQuery to make websites, programes and more. However i don’t use a mac. I
    was born liking pc’s as much as 100x better than macs. My top goal when i’m
    older is to work at microsoft. Some people i’ve seen on the comments below
    complain that windows gets more viruses than mac. But that doesn’t matter,
    it’s how “you” use the computer. I also know for a fact that the rumor that
    macs can’t get viruses is absoluetly wrong. So this one goes out to the
    apple fanboys and girls for being so biased. Thank you…….

  9. Nomen demens says:

    The normal user does not need 100, 000 000 computers ofers. Normal user
    need maybe 10 hardware combination. So normal user, that is most people in
    the world, simply Apple offer is enough. Windows is for specific business
    solutions or so-called MacGyver user where you have to handle a wide range
    of hardware strange and unusual equipment requirements.
    So if You not in company and You not so-called MacGyver user The MAC OSX i

  10. Rrook C says:

    all you mac users make me sick. boasting, bragging how you bought and
    expensive piece garbage for the “awesome” os no viruses etc, Dont mean to
    pop anyone power supplies from over heated dried cables i saw in allinone
    mac…come on.. like the ps3 and xbox360, over heating=cracked solder
    issues?!? freshmen in college learn about heating expansion and
    contraction, you might have heard of the concept in 6 grade physics
    class…simply put you got ganked…apple power supply looked its been
    repaired @ least 3 times, the cables inside ps where dried out cracked made
    short.. yall mac users apple is really not so shiny once you start talking
    about little MINOR engineering tech things that my grandma could of
    avoided. that not what i expect if you shelling out top dollar for “top of
    the line gear”.
    you mac users for paying such a premium is funny on my windows desktop…

  11. TheGangnamAssignement says:

    mac is better

  12. Honorien says:

    Well I guess for those users that dont want to understand what is happening
    behind the scenes for them Mac OS X i think is better. But the Problem here
    is. Many of those people also don’t want to pay a lot of Money for a PC and
    even though there are now some cheaper Macs i guess they still buy the
    cheaper PC’s with the slightly better Hardwareconfiguration. And these
    users often break the operating System by treating the Operating System in
    a thoughtless manner.
    But im pretty sure they would break a Mac OS too.

  13. PlanetEarth says:


  14. stopmotiondude221 says:

    Also in many cases people hate Windows because they claim that their
    Windows computer was running very slow. That’s an issue within the
    hardware, not the OS. If you’re running Windows 8.1 on a computer with a
    1.2 GHz processor and 256MB of RAM, then yea, it’s going to be slow even if
    it was running the Mac OS.

  15. T.O. D3S1 says:

    After I started using my Mac I never went back to PC, but if I ever need to
    use Windows, I run bootcamp on my mac so I can run Windows programs in my

  16. ArronJaViKz says:

    Windows 8 STINKS, but the others are good.

  17. jojoisawsome 39 says:

    Everyone knows Windows is better DONT!!! complain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Gaming with Evan says:

    Other way around

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